Your Current TOP 10 Aircraft

OK I will try again, even though this same is in previous posts to you but let’s see if we can do this! :slight_smile:

  • You cannot mention unreleased products
  • You cannot have aircraft from other sims
  • Your previous list (July I think?) was with 4 planes (I think): Fenix A320, Cessna 414, Wilga, Maddog MD-82
  • You wrote for August just Fenix and 414 (“Same as forever”. Well, no, because of the 4 :smiley: ).
  • And you ALSO wrote in August ONLY Fenix 10 times (so I ignored that).
  • In April you also had 3 737’s in the list from some point, which I think I removed but not sure.
  • You are allowed 10, and they should probably be aircraft you still RECOMMEND to other people, not just “what are you flying today”, especially so if you still have slots in the 10 available
  • You also said you like the Comanche.

So in summary, I really have no idea which of yours you still want, and even what is already included in the charts at this point as it’s always so confusing with your lists.


  1. Fenix A320
  2. FSW C414
  3. Mad Dog MD-82 (?? Pretty sure this was left on for you since last year)
  4. GF Wilga (??)
  5. A2A Comanche 250 (??)

…what I meant about “You have plenty of room for these upcoming planes you mention in your 10 anyway” is that even IF you have that 5 above, that still gives you FIVE slots to add new Airbuses WHEN THEY RELEASE, without you having to change the other 5.

Is that OK or you really only want TWO on the list NOW? Or 3, or 4, or WHAT exactly?


Zenith is tricycle.

Ah yeah. I thought it had the option of both but I’m getting it mixed up with something else.

That’s what I meant

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The Cessna 414 allows me to fly cape air routes in it :slight_smile:

My current TOP 3

  1. 737-600
  2. 152
  3. L39
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My favourite tail dragger is probably the Tiger Moth but she ain’t exactly STOL.

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My latest list for September:

Britten Norman BN2 Islander [BlackBox Simulation]
Cessna 182RG [Carenado]
Beechcraft Bonanza G36 Improvement Project [Asobo]
Cessna 310R [Blackbird Simulations / MilViz]
Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet G2 [FlightFX]
Piper PA-28R Arrow III/IV (NA and Turbo) [Just Flight]
ATR 600 Series [Microsoft / S&H Software]
Piper Comanche 250 [A2A Simulations]
Cessna 172 Sykhawk [Asobo with bagolu improvment mod]
Cessna 152 [WB-Sim / JPLogistics]

Quest (Daher) Kodiak 100 [SimWorks Studios]
Piper Comanche 250 [A2A Simulations]


Well, all those 4 of those recently purchased birds barely made any impact on the list. As of today, this is how things stand…

Fenix Airbus A320
A2A Piper Comanche 250
PMDG Boeing 737
PMDG Douglas DC-6
Aeroplane Heaven Douglas DC-3 (with Duckworks mod only)
Aerosoft Bombardier CRJ series
Blackbird Cessna 310R
FlySimWare Cessna C414 Chancellor
JustFlight Fokker F28
Leonardo McDonnell Douglas MD-80 series

Lots of honourable mentions, but… there are only 10 top spots and this is what I fly the most right now.


Not surprising the F-117 and F-35 had little impact as there are only a few situations in sim that call for military fast jets so they tend to be a rarely flown novelty purchase for most people (trolling online streamers in their airliners and doing the occasional mach run are the only two that come to mind for me).

The appeal of the Vision Jet for many is it is a personal jet, more akin to a very fast GA aircraft than a business jet (avoiding all the FMS difficulties and other complexities of an actual business jet) - but if you do not have a need for a very fast GA option it does not really have another role.

The Honda jet of course sits part way between the GA/Personal-Jet style Vision Jet and a Citation.

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True as far as military jets go… I have been using some of those on my current 650 stop World Tour (which I am doing a second time already!)… So on some of those 200 nm or so legs, I flew those birds… They just are very different from what I am used to flying. They are twitchy and the cockpit layout always seems to be random between all those - there doesn’t seem to be a very good flow to staring them, etc… Like the lights - why are some external lights on the left console and some on the right? It makes no sense and makes the whole fighter jet thing a lot less pleasant. I also seem to have what I’d think are hard landings in those but in reality, they aren’t that hard, they just FEEL that way.

Vision and Honda Jets are ok… I think it’s the Vision jet where the Autothrottle if set to FMS makes very little sense in terms of what it thinks FMS is telling it - it will overspeed etc… so I had to use manual speeds. Other than that, they are fine. Kinda remind me of that steam gauge Mario Noriega Caproni Vizola jet - essentially a fast GA plane… powered by jet engines. It’s fine, really but, for business jets, I still prefer the excellent Working Title Citations.

I have now completed my Europe tour from the North Cape to Gibraltar and have flown different single engine GA aircraft. It was a total of almost 3.000 nm with legs that ranged from 30 to a maximum of 150 nm. Awesome spots and some challengeing weather. Always real weather and real time. :sunglasses:

This trip has confirmed that I prefer modern aircraft with glass cockpits and so my current ranking is as follows:

  1. Diamond DA40 NG with Improvement Mod by mrtommymxr

  2. Beechcraft Bonanza G36 with Improvement mod

  3. Bagolu Cessna 172

  4. Cirrus SR22 with sound mod

  5. JBM VL-3 with community Rotax mod

  6. A2A Comanche 250

  7. SWS Kodiak 100

  8. SWS RV-10 (could be Top5 if G1000NXi is available and working)

  9. SWS Cessna 414

  10. Milviz C310R

My next rating will come up after launch of SWS PC-12 and FSReborn Piper M500.

Happy landings!


Drastic change now. Any mods that affect aircraft are out. That means Duckworks and D-18S. I will evaluate aircraft on their own merits as envisioned by the the devs. Reason? Tied to do the Bush Trip with Tommy’s DA 62 and it failed. Upon disabling it completed. Everything needs to be stock as the devs did. If that means I fly them less, so be it. Plenty of great aircraft.

My September list so far in no particular order:

  1. CowanSim Bell 206B3
  2. Asobo/MS/Inibuilds Curtiss JN-4 Jenny
  3. Asobo/MS/Inibuilds Antonov An-225
  4. Carenado Cessna 182RG
  5. Azurpoly Fouga-Potez Magister
  6. Aerial Simulations Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk
  7. Carenado Piper PA-44 Seminole
  8. Asobo/MS Robin DR400
  9. Milviz/Blackbird Goodyear FG-1 Corsair
  10. Leonardo McDonnel-Douglas MD-80

That’s about as diverse as what I fly. No helos, though.

September list without variations:

1- Blackbird: C310R
2- Ant’s Airplanes: DH.82 Tiger Moth
3- Asobo / Hartmann: ATR 42 600
4- Asobo / Milviz: DHC.2 Beaver


@Baracus250 Please save your sanity while you still can.

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:rofl: thanks for your concern hahah.

The mute button might come in to play pretty soon but I hope it doesn’t have to end this way :laughing:

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Where do you get the Baby Shark mod ?

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I’ll show you after you show me the official POH :slight_smile: