Your Current TOP 10 Aircraft

I’ll show you after you show me the official POH :slight_smile:

Ok, I know it’s not on my list, but I want go give a shout-out to WBSim/JPLogistics C152. What a sweet plane that became! I am not a masochist, so VOR to VOR flying is best left to the old souls, which I am not… but the inclusion of a GTN750 and autopilot made that bird desirable for me.


september list:

1 A2A Piper Comanche 250
2 Flightsimware Cessna 414
3 JustFlight BAE 146
4 Wing42 Boeing 247D
5 PMDG Boeing 737-600
6 Redwing Constellation
7 Beechcraft D18 (denarq mod)
8 Ant’s Tiger Moth
10 Asobo AH DC3 (Duckworks mod)

Waiting for FSReborn Piper M500 and SWS PC12.
Currently preparing an Aéropostale flight from Paris to Dakar with the Redwing Farman F60 and their 1935 airfield mods.


Hi @Baracus250 my September list is going to be identical to last month. Nothing new to add tbh. :slight_smile:


DC-3 (With duckworks mod + duckworks optional tailwheel mod)

Been trying to focus on these 2 planes to rebuild my familiarity after taking a long break from the game.


This month I added another item to my list of criteria: Ownership Factor. The following aircraft are those of my top 20 that for some reason give me the feeling of personal ownership–that it’s my own plane and I belong in the cockpit. I love these planes and they love me back.

JustFlight Piper PA-28 Arrow
A2A PA-24 Comanche
Blackbird Cessna 310R
FS Reborn Sting S4
Blackbird Pilatus PC-6 Porter
Aviatt Husky
JBL Cessna C152 Tail
L19 Bird Dog
Carenado C170B
FlyBoy Simulations Rans S6S Coyote II


It’s been some since my last list so here is one for the current month, whatever that is:

  1. Flybywire A320NX.
    It is hard not to give this team the top spot, not only is the plane great but it has also helped improve the Headwind A330-900 and the LatinVFR/Horizon A318,A319 and A321.

  2. The Asobo 787-X
    Based on the new improvements for SU13, this is a great plane and also helped the Kuro 788, and the recently released 789. Fantastic airliner.

  3. The Asobo Citation Longitude.
    So many improvements and the best avionics in the sim, I just wish more planes would be released based in these avionics suite.

  4. The FlyingIron P38L
    My favorite warbird, counter-rotatoin props and no taildragger means you can actually control the plane on the ground. It is fast but also has amazing range.

  5. The Bearstudios Mig15.
    Still surprised about this one, it is really very nice, cockpit textures are amazing, the night lighting beautiful and the plane flies very well, almost all switches work and systems are simulated as accurately as possible in the sim. It even has a nice EFB/kneepad.

  6. The TopMachStudios F22.
    Very nice fighter jet, the flight model is outstanding and the cockpit night lighting is terrific. This is based in v 1.2.0 still not released in the marketplace but hopefully next week, it will include aerial refueling so you will be able to fly long missions. And yes, the pedal turn is insane.

  7. A2A Comanche 250.
    I don’t have a lot to add to all the nice things that have been said, pristine release with little or no bugs. It is 7th because the clock is not operative yet. Shame!

  8. FSReborn Sting S4.
    I will keep this little marvel in my list until the Piper M500 is released, very anxiously waiting for that aircraft.

  9. Flightsimware C414
    A great twin to fly around whenever you want. Perfect for GA flights and for touring.

  10. Redwing Constellation.
    So many details in this plane, it really sounds and flies like it should. And now Bataan has been restored and flying again, just wish we had that livery. Any takers?


Out of curiosity, is the Redwing Constellation modelled with currently available Avgas 100 or the much higher octane (and toxic) Avgas 115/145 variety the Constellation used back in the '50s, which is now only produced by special order for things like Reno racers ( all up you would get 3000 less horsepower on Avgas 100)?

So if i don’t have a top 10 anymore…barely top 4, do i still post a new list?

If you want the others removed from their votes then yes, sure.

I don’t want them removed i guess but i what i meant is can i just post something like this now?


That’s it.

This is the reason i stopped updating in this thread.

If you do that, I would remove the ones from your last post (Your Current TOP 10 Aircraft - #3253 by ScarsStitches) that don’t appear any more from the all-time chart. So up to you :wink:

Ahhh now i gotcha. Okay then i’ll just copy and paste the 6-7-8-9-0 entries then. Thanks for linking that.

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Likewise as to what I wrote to ScarsStitches just above, do you want the others from your last submission removed from the all-time chart? (just checking… from this post: Your Current TOP 10 Aircraft - #5060 by Geandily)

1- A2A Commanche: The sim within the sim. It wrecked havoc within my hangar. I’m a person who gets bored easily of material habits, but the Commanche broke that rule and kept me coming back for more, while 94% of other aircraft in the sim sit in the corner and watch. Useless to keep talking about it. Now they need to release the C172 :stuck_out_tongue:

2- PMDG 737-800: EFB or not, this is the airliner i reach for when i want to recreate real life routes, period.

3- Just Flight Turbo Arrow III/IV: You know a GA is so darn good when it hangs in my top 5 while completely disregarding the existence of now GA icons like: Black Square excellent GA, Milviz excellent C310, the 414. And of course not to mention the towering shadow of the elephant in the room (= The Commanche).

4- Top Mach Studios F-22A: I would almost put this at the same level of the Commanche in terms of “what it is”. You can read between the lines in what i mean by that… but it’s hard to explain why this jet is just so perfect.

5- DC-3 with the Duckworks mod: Emphasize on the Duckworks mod because it’s simply brilliant. One of my favorite aircraft to hand-fly.

6- Flyboy Rans S6S: No other bush craft competes with this in my book. How can they when you’ve got what’s possibly the best native flight model in the sim with this one. Underrated feature: The sounds.

7- FSReborn Sting S4: Sightseeing paradise and surprisingly addicting to hand-fly. With the right hardware controller, this thing will shine, despite being just an Ultralight.

8- Carenado 337: A victim of other releases hype which were released at the same time. This does not and will probably NEVER get the proper credit it deserves.

9- CRJ-700: I’ve got to keep this in this list. Still nothing like it in the sim. The fact that it held its uniqueness and grit after all those years is a statement.

10- A32NX: Also stays in my list even though the 737 currently manages my airliners needs.


Hi, no please those are just the ones I’ve been flying recently so no need to remove anything :slight_smile:

Cheers! Thanks for maintaining the list. Next time I submit I’ll include my other planes

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I knew i forgot something.

Please replace the Turbo Arrow (N’3 spot) with the Vision Jet.

Drastic measures but that’s the way i want it to be.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Understood and done :wink:

No problem!

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Old List

  1. Azurpoly Fouga
  2. Cessna T-37 Tweet
  3. JPL Cessna 152
  4. Black Square Analog King Air
  5. Flying Iron Spitfire MkIX
  6. SimWorks Studios Kodiak 100
  7. Black Square Analog Caravan
  8. Default Cessna Caravan EX
  9. DC Designs F-4 Phantom
  10. Flying Iron F6F-5 Hellcat

New List

  1. Asobo Savage Cub : Don’t look at the instruments, just look at that beautiful thing called earth and fly. Not an excuse to do whatever, more a call to be more visually precise. Easier the more feedback you have of course ( VR, vibration, motion,… ). Also a stunning visual model this one.
  2. Asobo Diamond DV20 : Not trying to be different, I really like this plane, it’s very well modelled. The main reason I am fond of it, is that you can really see yourself in this, especially with all the UK YT aviators that fly similar crafts. The sound is also pretty good, even though you may not like how it sounds :wink:
  3. Azurpoly Fouga : My favorite jet. Flies like a GA, stings like a jet.
  4. JPL Cessna 152 : Chugging along. Had a couple of engine failures, and I guess they were due to taking-off too cold. Can you get that information somewhere?
  5. Black Square Analog Caravan : It has won, over the Kodiak, which I dropped from this list. See below.
  6. Asobo Cessna 172 : Just like it. No mods, don’t really need that much realism from this one.
  7. Flying Iron F6F-5 Hellcat : To recover from the spin-stall: opposite rudder, neutral stick and the very important one : throttle idle. You can stick and rudder all you want but if you do not turn off the washing machine, you get spun.
  8. Carenado Bonanza V35 : my fast GA go to.
  9. Flying Iron Spitfire MkIX : Has to be in the list even though rarely flown.
  10. Black Square Analog King Air : Still in the list but sits in the hangar.

Thinking about picking up the Rans S6S ( advanced Savage Cub ) and Sting S4 ( advanced DV20 ).
Considering the Maule M7-235 from afar, comments seem to be so-so.

Others :

  • SWS Kodiak 100 : dropped it from the list because I made several flights from Lukla to Phaplu with passengers, and really, approaching should not be this hard. Go down, go up, juking the throttle, hard to get stable, … Did the same in the Analog Caravan, a breeze and much more like what real pilots show, even the Missionary Bush Pilot, who actually flies the Kodiak.

Can’t recommend the Sting enough for a VFR cruiser around the places you mentioned in the UK, or just flying around your home area. The only reason I don’t fly it more is the Rotax sound puts me to sleep after a bit.

Interesting comparison between the Kodiak and Caravan. I have both as well. I had a good bit of frustration with the Kodiak initially, and it still tries to kill me every once in a while. On the other hand, I found the BS Caravan to be one of the most docile handling aircraft in my hangar. I fly the Kodiak more now than anything else due to its versatility. It behaves a bit like a well-intentioned but unruly toddler. Tell it to speed up and it does…very quickly (relative to other utility turboprops). Same goes for slowing down with 2 or 3 notches of flaps. Speed control with a smooth throttle has been the key as I’ve learned to fly this one. I tried Lukla to Phaplu for the first time after reading your entry. That’s a great route for a short flight! Understandable if you want to throw in the towel on the Kodiak, but if you’re interested, check out AlpineBravo’s Kodiak tutorials on YT. They’re very in-depth, but you can skip around to relevant sections. They’ve helped me a ton.