Your Current TOP 10 Aircraft

The thing is with passengers it behaves so much less normal than the Caravan. Normal approach for the Kodiak should be at 500 throttle but in ours you have to be a 900 to a 1000. The Caravan does it at 400-500, which is exactly by the book. Also the ferry back, phaplu to lukla, is nice in the Caravan.

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No changes for me. The Magister is very nice and might make it onto the list when I’ve flown it more, but it does feel a bit dead. Only a bit though. The F28 still feels like it was released mid-development - the autopilot can’t fly striaight and especially in roll it’s very direct & rigid, and the latest Hawk is frankly horrible to the point I might uninstall it, coz I’m not going to fly it like that. The King Air’s woes with the PMS50 750 continue to worsen, but that’s not the KA’s fault. Very light aircraft ( all of them I can think of bar the Tiger Moth which is too big to count anyway, even if it’s quite light ) continue to handle miserably & like RC planes. Including ones with hours of readily available cockpit video for study. The S4 does at least give it a good try.

Thnk all I’ve picked up recently is the Do X, which is amusing but doesn’t handle like a gigantic ancient flying boat. Many bonus points for having a classic u-boat style siren though.

Hype’s 145 is still improving, still jerky crossing the stick displacement threshold of manual control when it slows down - would be better if it was more naturally stable with the SAS out, I suspect that’d solve most of it’s problems - so not good enough for top 10 but it’s a pretty nice package, if expensive.

Not much to wait for either, tbh - the DA42 ( I know someone with thousands of hours in a DA42 helping with that - or at least they’re meant to be :stuck_out_tongue: ) possibly, maybe FI’s Fw190. JF’s recent FMs have killed most of my anticipation for anything bar the RJ.


Yah, I dunno what they have done to the Hawk or what took so long but somehow it’s worse than before.

I probably got my moneys worth out of it even though it was like double the price of other decent aircraft but I’m itching to fly it again. But can’t really. The advice from Chris Aviator (an actual Hawk pilot!) was to not use full roll capability. Well that’s no good really. It’s not possible to contain myself or know where that break point is. I can’t feel it on my stick so it’s just totally random. And it’s an aerobatic Red Arrow. Of course I should be able to max it out :smiley:

Hope the new surfaces definitions in 2024 will finally allow the fix to happen properly but it will take them the best part of a year to implement it (at best) I feel & fear.

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Please contact them about your issues. I’ve found some issues which Ive reported. It’s such a nice mod over all, so…well, I hope they get around the problem in some future update.

New poster here. Here it goes!

Disclaimer: I rank everything by FUN/HOUR. There are better objective mods for sure, but I am an old old man, and I ain’t got time to play a game/sim and not have a blast. I also love VR flying too!

Top 10

  1. Flying Fries Sea/Junkyard Monster
    Highest Fun/Hour possible in the sim. Objectively silly, but the most fun I have had in a simulated plane. ever.

  2. A2a Comanche
    Best quality GA offering I have. Objectively a great product. From what I remember flying it years ago IRL, it even feels real. Hard to explain, but I think it is good.

  3. Jabiru J170 series :
    A CRIMINALLY underrated addon. A labor of love, it is simple, great for VR, and has good immersion.

  4. Tiger Moth:
    I think it is the best VR platform in sim in due to the mix of immersion, flight dynamics, and view.

  5. Cirrus VisionJet G2:
    Great jet for both normie/VR flights. Super easy to fly. I call it my chillus maximus.

  6. Wilga:
    Still a blast to fly. VR is a joy in this one after the updates.

  7. WB Sim 172:
    Solid. Behavior matches 90% of my IRL flight hours. Landing performance profile is still not good.

  8. JustFlight Arrow 3
    Still great. I would say a better VR plane than #2 Comanche due to less complexity and better PC performance.

  9. MilViz 310R
    Top tier in terms of quality. The ownership mini-game is sometimes cool, and sometimes inconvenient.

  10. Asobo DA62 w/ Improvement mod
    Underrated mod. Its old but it helps with some of the glaring issues with Asobo’s version.

Honorable Mentions:

  • HondaJet : havent flown it this month. So i cant put it in top 10.

  • JPLogistics 152 : No updates in a while, and flight dynamics just seem “off” now to what I remember .IRL

  • Vans rv-14 : never flown in RL, but aileron authority at low speeds doesn’t seem right.

  • Rockwell Ov-10A Bronco : (super fun VR plane)

This month I fell in love with some old addons that I gave a second chance to. I highly recommend you try out some of the less popular addons, you might find a hidden gem like I did in the JABIRU.


My list update almost one year later.

1 - PMDG 737 all variants →
Even though I am not in love with the studio, I find them Old School a bit narcissistic on the edges. They made a great aircraft, and they know it. They’re not very nice and warm on their forum and they’ve been working on a EFB since forever… It is my favorite Airliner, aircraft fly great, great in depth system and it also has great performance in terms of FPS. I use mostly on VATSIM and with Virtual Airlines like Vritual RyanAir and Southwest.
(Highly recommend FS2Crew SOP1 addon with it)

2 - Just Flight’s Arrow PA28R →
I had it for a long time, but only recently gave it a chance and I love flying it. This would be my Go-To GA aicraft. It flies great, it’s fun, it’s not too complex, you can change it’s instruments on the fly, has state panel saving, textures are just ok though. I really enjoy using it on VATSIM and do IFR flights when I feel slower, and want to enjoy low pace and scenic view.

3 - FlightFX MG HJet (Honda Jet) →
This is my go to Aircraft when I want to go fast, and do IFR flights on VATSIM, but do not feel like doing airliner (and it’s 25 ish minutes of preflight, boarding, checklists). This aircraft is quite easy to fly, does not even need to manage the exterior lights. Visibility is not the greatest, so that’s really when I want to go high, far and fast and often in busy ATC. It has the G3000 which is very helpful, makes the piloting and navigation smoother.

So now I have listed my favourite Airliner (PMDG 737), Fav VFR aircraft (PA28R) and favourite executive jet (Honda Jet).

4 - SimWorksStudio’s Kodiak Quest 100 →
Enough has been said about this one, it just works, enjoyable, solid, can be boring on the edges to me. I do however believe it’s overrated, perhaps because it was one for the first GA with decent realism to come out?

5 - FlightFx Vision Jet →
Similar to the Honda jet, I like it on vatsim and heavy ATC also, but it’s way slower, has better visibility. If I want to do shorter route, I will probably pick the vision jet, for longer route it’s gonna be the honda jet.

6 - Fenix A320 →
Love the studio, but the performance with the A320 is still not easy, every time I use it, it is simply never smooth, it always feel super heavy on my system, even after the new update. I will most often chose the PMDG 737 instead if I want to do Airliner flights. The PDMG is way smoother and therefore has more feeling. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fenix A320, it’s just lower on my list.

And that would be it for me at the moment

Thanks for your great work !


Hi! Thank you for that nice first list and descriptions :wink:

And welcome to the thread!!

Wow has it been that long already!
For the 737, last time we counted just the -800. Seeing as you have 4 slots remaining do you want to add the other 3 in this case (shouldn’t really but I have done for another person one time!). Really you dropped the C414? And no Comanche? lol

:bar_chart: Friends and Followers… I am thinking to start a new topic - in compliment to this one - and want to get your opinions and suggestions for it, because once it’s started, I won’t be able to change anything.

It will be a POLL, with a bunch of answers (multi-select) trying to gauge the general feeling of what is most important to each individual when ‘deciding’ what a GREAT PLANE (for them) is. So I need to define the ‘answers’. I have come up with the below list.

Please can anyone think of anything that I have missed that should be included? Or combined? Anything I could word better? Anything at all before I create it! Cheers all! :slight_smile:

QUESTION: What is most important to you when choosing an aircraft to FLY or BUY?

OPTIONS (you can pick up to 5 answers):

  1. Realistic Flight Model (good feeling)
  2. 3D Modelling & Texturing Quality
  3. Audio Quality (plus other immersive factors / vibrations etc)
  4. Systems Depth & Accuracy (accurate to POH, flys “on the numbers”)
  5. Navigation Systems & Integration with 3rd Party Tools
  6. Damage & Failure Modelling
  7. Ease of Use / Compatibility with my Hardware
  8. Versatility of Use-cases (flying style)
  9. Variants in same package (e.g. tail dragger + trike / different configurations / engines etc within the same purchase)
  10. Uniqueness. No (or minimal) overlap with aircraft I already own
  11. Role Play (missions / tasks / replicating real-world flights)
  12. Extra features (animations / interactions / passengers / fun unique features)
  13. Fun Factor
  14. Visibility from the Cockpit
  15. Analogue Cockpit
  16. Developer “Passion” & Community Interaction (on forums / Discord etc)
  17. Developer Track-record & Reputation (as personally perceived)
  18. Value for Money
  19. Ongoing Updates (bug fixes / maintenance / adding features / improvements)
  20. Available on Xbox & PC (single purchase / Marketplace)
  21. NOT Marketplace Exclusive
  22. VR Support & Performance
  23. Hype Factor from the Community
  24. Personal connection with an Aircraft (historical reason / IRL flying)

I am sure I have missed some important stuff!?


You are missing immersive factors like realistic sounds, vibration of various components from wings through to the cockpit itself shaking from engine/turbulence etc, etc

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I knew I had missed something important!! Thanks - added near the top :slight_smile:

It will be hard to pick only 5 answers. May you put a 1 to 10 choice for each answer where 1 is not important and 10 is most important.

No can’t do that - it’s just a poll with answers. IMO it’s not important what an INDIVIDUAL thinks in terms of sequence of importance, you pick your top 5 things. But GLOBALLY this will settle to show the overall importance of things. Just thought it might be interesting to see. 10 per person would be too many.

EDIT: What I could do is have A SEPARATE poll per question and format it like this:

But I prefer to have it in one then we get a nice graph (bar or pie) as result, like this is the only option :smiley:

No change for me this month. Nothing new has come out to make it to my top 10. My two pickups this month were the Nemeth Aerolite 103 and Lionheart Quickie Q2. I really like both of them, especially the Aerolite. The 200 ft takeoff and landing distance is nuts, as is the visibility. Quickie is fun and fast, though a bit wobbly in roll at cruise. Love those quirky Rutan designs.

My September list:

A2A Piper Comanche 250
Black Square King Air 350
Blackbird Cessna 310
Ants De Haviland Tiger Moth
PMDG Boeing 737-600
Black Square A36 Bonanza
Simworks Studios Daher Kodiak
Got Friends DoubleEnder
FSReborn TL-Ultralight Sting S4
Blackbird Pilatus PC-6


I have noticed that a “realistic” flight model has as much (or more) to do with the authentic feeling of flight as with the degree to which the model hits the numbers in the POH. I wonder if there’s a way to differentiate those factors in your poll.

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Yeah good point :+1: Maybe it should be the same point, or like this:

  1. Flight Model & Realism (good feeling)

And change 4 to this:

  1. Systems Depth & Accuracy (accurate to POH, flys “on the numbers”)

…or words to that effect?

Good day my peoples!

I have to update my list this month because I finally broke down and got the Fenix A320 after their recent update. It’s a stunner. I didn’t think the inclusion of the EFB would be a big deal, but the realism added by having a takeoff and landing performance calculator on board really IS a big deal. I haven’t owned it long enough to knock the 737 out of the top spot, but it could eventually do that.

Old List:
PMDG 737
A2A Comanche 250
Aerosoft CRJ
Justflight Piper Arrow III Turbo
Asobo TBM
JPL C152
FlySimware C414
Milviz C310R
DC Stearman PT-17

New List
PMDG 737
A2A Comanche 250
Fenix A320
Milviz C310R
FlySimware C414
Aerosoft CRJ
Asobo TBM
Justflight Piper Arrow III Turbo
JPL C152

Thanks @Baracus250 !


200 take off??!! I think you must have your shoes in the grass like an anchor!!

Maybe I should have tried to take this for the eSTOL Championship I’ve signed up to compete in!! :rofl: (I picked Wilma, of course!)

DOH! Oh… I am thinking of the Top Rudder 103 - maybe it’s that different?? :smiley:

I don’t have much to say but I am getting into warbirds. SO…

  1. PMDG 737
  2. Fenix
  3. DC F-14
  4. IFE F-35
  5. TM F-22A
  6. Milviz C310 (no BB)
  7. A2A Comanche
  8. IniBuilds B-2
  9. GotFriends Wilga
  10. JF Hawk. Why the hate? I can fly it just swimmingly.
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I assume you mean the KwikFlight one, yeah?

Yeah!! She finally arrives on your list :smile:

Not hate here - disappointment… it feels great, right up until the point that it doesn’t. Kills the fun for the way I want to fly it (i.e. pushing it). Weird how people are getting different results. Yes I should reach out and get some “official support” but honestly I don’t have time and plenty of other stuff to fly so let’s see how it goes in 2024!! (I might get my a-s in gear and ask them but not sure how to even explain it if they haven’t seen it, and that CGAviator has the same tells me it’s unsolvable for now… all a bit weird.)

Yes, the Kwik one.

Wilga was the biggest surprise. I knew people were raving about it, but had no idea how good that is. It’s literally the best GA behind A2A… if ANYONE doesn’t have it, still? What are you waiting for?

JF Hawk - I don’t see it. At all. It flies nice to me. I love that bird.