Your Current TOP 10 Aircraft

On the topic of the poll, I would add something on VR-support. Granted, some aspects like performance, texture quality etc. are covered in other items but things like prop-apperance, VR-zoom and awkward placement of switches/equipment are important when deciding on a purchase.

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I second that! VR is weird in that a plane can be off sometimes. Some switches may be an odd size, sometimes the whole cockpit seems to be in the wrong scale. Even when all is good, the enjoyment in VR might differ a lot based on small or big factors.One example: I absolutely adore the overhanging windows in the AN-2. Being able to lean over and look straight down in VR is amazing. There’s a lot I love about that plane, but that single and apparently unimportant fact makes me love the plane to bits.

Not sure how to word it in the poll, but maybe one for “Realism in VR” and one for “Enjoyment in VR”?

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I added VR Support & Performance.

You think it should be split into two things? Remember you will only have 5 in total so I would like to group them as much as possible - or I could allow maybe 8. Or 10 even I suppose now the list is nearly 25 answers.

You’re right, better combine it in this case! I’ll need all of my 5 (or 8) votes for sure, no need to go a-wasting them on two closely related attributes.

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Point 5 is too “weak” for me. For me the most important thing is glass or steam cockpit. I probably wouldn’t even take a look at any A2A aircraft with glass cockpit.

I think it could also be interesting to see the 5 least important points.

I’ve purchased a few aircraft since I last posted, and some are bound to make the list. I just need a little more time with them. I’m certain the Black Square Baron will be in the top 10, likely top 5. The A2A Comanche is brand new to me and I’m lukewarm at this point, most because of the wonky Autopilot and the panel textures look pretty fake in VR. The 310R is still the one to beat in my book.

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I see your point. Answers can only be a “yes” though. Not “this/or”. So what if I added 2 answers:

  • Glass cockpit
  • Analogue cockpit

Would you pick one of those above others if you are only allowed to pick 5 items?

As for “not important” let’s not over-complicate things yet. You will kind of see that from the things that get lowest or no votes anyway?

If you don’t, then I’d not worry about it & enjoy yourself - having training, prior ( rather distant now ) experience & apparently a little natural analytical ability in the field is a pain, it’s very hard to turn it all off :frowning: the usual problem you run into in consumer sims is too high force scaling which screws up second-order behaviour ( accelerations ) which are a big part of feel, and this one seems to suffer there too. I don’t want to mod everything, that’s a royal paint too :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes, I would choose “analog cockpit” as one of my 5 yes picks.

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I think this is very difficult, because even glass cockpit doesn’t mean glass cockpit. Think about the difference between the G1000 and G3X. I would rather buy a G1000 plane than a steam gauge plane, but steam gauge over G3X. I think that this may overcomplicate things.

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You forgot:

  • the Wilga has functional wipers that can even be used to clear light windscreen icing
  • one of the variants is a 450 HP experimental that is an absolute monster
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There’s an idea for a new thread… Your top 5 flight instrument systems!

For me G3X > G1000 because the touchscreen is so easy to use where the dual twiddly control dials on the G1000 accessed via a mouse is probably the most user unfriendly interface on the planet.

For me glass vs steam is not better or worse but just different, pick the one for the purpose, although I’m mostly in glass cockpits for my preferred flying.


Are we talking about the Asobo G3X? I really hate it and I wish WT would give it some love. The G1000 was also horrible at first but WT made it glorious.

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Any way to wrap it into a single answer and keep it clear & simple? :thinking:

Maybe just have Analogue cockpit. If voted it’s clear that old-skool is important. If not it means users doesn’t care too much either way?


Sorry last question from me semi off-topicing this thread. Should I combine:

Versatility of Use-cases (flying style)
Role Play (missions / tasks / replicating real-world flights)


One important thing here could be that some people only buy aircraft that still fly IRL.

That would fall under??:
Personal connection with an Aircraft (historical reason / IRL flying)

Yes, maybe. For me it’s not important, perhaps others want to tell us what they think about it.

It also fits in Role Play actually. Hmmm :thinking:

I decided it was time to add my own list, even though I’m a low-hours guy.

  1. Bonanza G36 Improvement Project. It’s just smooth and easy to fly. It’s the go-to plane for this inexperienced sim pilot. It’s my main ‘learning’ plane. I find myself gravitating to it when I just want to hop in a plane, program a flight plan, let the G1000 autopilot take over, and fly routes where I don’t have to deal with 15,000 ft. mountain terrain. Landing practice, practice, practice…
    Also, it was easy to map all the controls to my Alpha/Bravo using SPAD.

  2. A2A Comanche 250. What can I say that hasn’t already been said so many times? It’s awesome. Still figuring out some of the more complex bindings in SPAD, but I enjoy that detective work. And the A2A community is awesome. The devs and other users are all so supportive and focused on making this a premiere sim flight experience.

  3. AzurPoly Fouga C.170 Magistere. Some have said it feels ‘flat’ and ‘uninteresting.’ It’s an easy plane to fly, to be sure (it’s a trainer!) Sitting on the tarmac with the canopy open, listening to the sound of those engines spooling up is addictive. It’s helping me learn VOR navigation. And it’s a joy to land, especially when I use an HC Bravo lever that I bound in SPAD to extend those quirky little speedbrakes a little at time. (Are you seeing a theme here?) :smile:

  4. Got Gravel Vertigo. It’s fun, it’s fast, and it’s free. Wheeeee! Super easy to set up in SPAD.

  5. Asobo TBM 930. A lot of folks here recommended it as a next-level step for me. I think they were right. This one is challenging my limited abilities in so many (good) ways. I haven’t even taken to the skies in it yet, as I try to figure out all the SPAD bindings (I despise using mouse clicks in the cockpit) but I really like it already. This one is going to motivate me to start learning my Stream Decks.

  6. Asobo NX Cub. Great little bush beater. I don’t fly it much, but when I do the view out the cockpit makes it a joy.

  7. Got Friends Edgely Optica. Another easy plane to fly. Awesome visibility. I sometimes forget I own this one, then I remember, and take it up for an enjoyable flight with my dog or cat in the right seat.

These final three are aircraft I own, but haven’t hopped into yet.

  1. Taog’s Hanger Alouette III. I was so happy when this came out. I’ve never flown a helicopter in this sim yet, but some day…some day.

  2. SWS Kodiak 100 Amphibian. I’m not quite ready for this yet, but when I am I plan to do an extensive tour of the Canadian wilderness lakes. I’ll add the Parallel 42 Campout mod and really focus on mastering the plane. I have the Forethought ‘Start Anywhere Cold and Dark’ Mod, and those two items together should make for a long series of relaxing flights.

  3. Just Flight F28 Professional. I hesitated to put this one in the list, because I’m nowhere near qualified to fly a study-level analog airliner. But I had to buy it… And OMG, all these controls… How am I going to map everything on this one in SPAD? Biggest reason I’m not flying it, though? This plane absolutely HAMMERS my computer performance. I’ll probably just sit on it until MS2024, and hope the new sim code improves the computer’s ability to handle a demanding beast like this. I have no interest in the more modern tubeliners - with the exception of the BlueBird 757 when it’s released next year. My favorite jet airliner of all time IRL, and it seems like BlueBird is really working to make this one an amazing addition to the sim. Instant buy. Maybe by then I’ll be further along with SPAD and also my piloting abilities to fly it.

Other planes I own, and like, but don’t fly enough:

  • Flying Fries Scrapyard Monster. So weird, so cool. It’s free, and just crazy.
  • FSReborn Sting S4. I don’t know why I don’t fly this one more. It’s super cool.
  • Black Square King Air 350. Another plane sitting in my hanger, waiting for me to get more experience.
  • HPG H145. I bought this because it’s so beautiful. When I start my helicopter experience I’ll be working on learning this one, for sure.
  • Got Friends Wilga. It’s on my list to fly. I just haven’t yet.
  • Marwan Gharib’s HJet. I just bought it. It will be my first foray into the light business jet world.

(Probably not the place for this) But these are a couple of planes I bought that I just don’t like:

  • Ant’s Airplanes Tiger Moth. It’s neat, but I don’t get the love for it. Not my cup of tea.
  • Got Gravel Monster NX Cub. I got it because I like the Asobo NX Cub. Its excessive (hah!) power overwhelms me. I simply cannot fly it. More practice would probably change my attitude, but for now it’s not for me.