Your method for identifying a third party problem


I having constant CDTs at some airports for several weeks. After many tests, I have found 2 problems:
Following a complete reinstallation of the game, the planes and airports bought on the market crashed systematically (CRJ, Twin Otter, Dublin, etc): I deleted them (one by one) reinstalled the scenes and planes and it works better

I deleted the content of the Community directory: it’s better and the vanilla airports that CTD don’t do it anymore, or almost not. (for inrofmation, I’m using the addon linker plugin)

I deleted a maximum of plugins (navigraph for example)

When I put back the content of Community: the game crashes again.

My question:
I would like to know your method to identify the scene(s) that are causing problems.

Another question: can a livery of an unselected plane (not loaded) create a CTD on an airport (so, a plane, a livery, a scene not selected can make CTD? Can an airport in Europe crash the game if I launch a sim in the US?)

Thanks for your help.

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Have you checked Event History to see what’s the CTD error?

As far as I am aware, the only method is trial and error.
Remove half of the addons, see if it crashes.
If not, remove all of that half and add back the other half.
Keep doing that and you will eventually find the culprit.

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The other thing to consider is “Do I really need that Add On?” Every add-on becomes a potential stumbling block later as time passes. I’ve leaned out my Community Folder a lot that way which also helps loading times.


Firstly I use addons linker and put sceneries into sensible folders within the one main folder the linker app points too. So airports and country specific sceneries are in a folders named by country (UK, USA, etc), boats and ships in a traffic folder and global sim stuff such as powerlines, mods to wind turbines etc in a folder called Global. I put things like Liveries, G1000 and G300 mods in a folder called Liveries and cockpit mods.

Then I switch off all add-ons in the linker app and slowly enable what I need in the area of the world I am flying in to see what mod is crashing the sim.

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Yes, I have tested just about everything. In the end, it seems I had a problem with the community file, but not only. Indeed 2 planes and 2 sceneries bought on the market crashed at launch (Dublin, Orly) and the Twin Otter & CRJ from Aerosoft. For each of them the removal and reinstallation from the market has solved the problem. It’s very curious.

I also suspect scenery and liveries downloaded from

A very big thank you for your help and research tips.