Your Total Flight Hours

It’s hard to say, the log book is a mess and I had daily CTDs in the beginning and later such bad slow down due to memory fragmentation that I killed the game through task manager. (Would take 5 minutes to quit if it didn’t CTD while trying to close)

Anyway it logged 2208 hours (1890 day, 318 night)
My world tour is at 2534 hours traveled (All in the Bonanza)
I have no idea how much time other flights and test flights took up (those were mostly unattended long distance fuel consumption and engine performance tests)

According to Steam the game has run for 3767 hours, yet that includes a lot of idle time, planning routes, patching and experimenting with different settings.

Anyway next level is at 3000 hours, whatever that may be. I’ll be done my world tour before reaching that and then fly much less frequently, until Canada gets a world update :slight_smile:

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588 hrs for me! hello at all…

Sitting at just over 1260 before I just took off in the PMDG DC-6 from WADD-WSSS for another 4.5. :+1:t3:

EDIT: I’d guess about 15 hours or so are failures/incomplete due to scoping out or CTD early on.

469 hours, well flown!

1100 hrs, and counting

Hello all
Just starting out on MSFS
Up to 24 hours so far with many differing planes. I like propeller planes best so far. I like to fly low and look about. If you see someone around the 500 ft mark, its probably me :slight_smile:

The hours logged are really not comparable between pilots. Some here logged thousands by taking off their airbus/boeing going about their family business, sleeping, doing other things for 5 or 6 hours just to get back to the sim for landing.

I have 289 hours of which 95% are actually flying the plane without autopilot and always in front of the screen (i pause the flight when i need to go somehwere).

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Most of my hours are a320neo flights simulating JetBlue flights and my second highest is the c208 and the rest are in between the icon and 152 some of them were also doing crj flights in the 787 and 747’s

300-something hours LOGGED. - but like others I’m not entirely convinced that everything makes it into the Asobo log book or stays there.

Anyway. A fair amount of Corona year sat at my sim. :slight_smile:

With the logbook having been so broken since release and with developer mode suppressing logging, I don’t even bother.

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