You're too early - Check the store for launch date

After all this time problem free… for some unknown reason, MSFS has decided to take a dump

I am getting this error message…anyone else seen this and know what to do?

I have exactly same problem…only worse now. I have (by mistake) uninstalled MSFS2020 and now can’t reinstall. I have DVD version because of poor WiFi signal and usually take PC to second address to upload updates. Tried this morning and got same blue box you have saved. Had more than 100Gb down load strength, so WiFi not an issue. In Microsoft Store, MSFS says its downloading (what I don’t know) but nothing is happening. Just sitting there doing nothing. And to cap it all, trying to perform clean re-install, get to disc 4 and get error read message…don’t know if it’s disc or DVD player. I’ll try to get screen shot tomorrow…shame as the Sim had been behaving itself wonderfully since I had got over the issue with Autopilot last week. It just never stops. :joy:

Hi @Lash123456,
Is this a Game Pass version or MS Store version?
Make sure that your Windows 10 regions is the same as when you bought MSFS.

The same error message is shown in case your game pass expired. Zendesk request 103939

can someone pleas explain what on earth its going on with this sim now, yesturday works perfectly fine, today i try to start it and i have this message then i am to early, to early for what !!! this sim been realised in 2020,
i attached screen shot.

@wojtaskl If you’re on the gamepass version make sure your gamepass subscription isn’t expiring. Also make sure your Windows time/region settings are correct and up to date (and set to the same region you purchased the sim in) in case it’s out of sync.

works now, the reason didnt work i used monthly direct debit to pay game pass on my old debit card witch expired,
so i just updated ne debit card in microsoft account and the payment been accepted,

i would never know that this is the issue to start the sim :crazy_face:

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Sim won’t load and I get the message: "We know you really want to get started, but you’ll have to wait a bit longer. Check the store for the launch date.

Hello @UnheardAmoeba55,
If you are using gamepass, assure your payment details are correct.

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Checking now. Thanks

Hi all,
Same issue here. Same message when launching MSFS. I have Ultimate game pass. Spent three hours thinking it was a technical issue. MS account clearly showed I had Ultimate subscription valid but xbox profile and xbox app on PC did not show it. Tried everything until I just re purchased Ultimate through the xbox app on the PC and lo and behold all worked again. The time remaining on the current ultimate was just added to the subscription so didn’t purchase two subscriptions.