(YSCB) Canberra Airport jetways and ground have issues // (YSSY) ATC Taxi to gates issue

The YSCB airport in canberra has issues within the ground (taxiways) where the taxiway turns into terrain, the jetways are not connected to the building.
The Jetway issue is found in many simulators and I assume its an error in a simulation map that simulators use.
The jetways work fine but have weird errors where they are like 10 - 20m away from the airport itself.

The YSSY Sydney airport has an issue with taxi to gates for gate 120, the taxi path doesn’t lead to the gate and ground crew on the gates don’t initiate when following taxi arrows, the lines are on a curve where as the taxi arrows are leading straight up to the wall.
GATE 120

Can’t even fly ILS at YSCB, it’s been offset.
I have lodged several request with zendesk, hopefully they fix it one day.

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Yes, YPPH Jetways floating as well (not attached to any building) also when fully expanded still a meter or so away from aircraft doors

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Yes, I have this Issue as well. I thought it was my error within course but ILS isn’t that bad, another thing is the a320 gets mad lag when going to Sydney or Canberra right on final approach when doing an ILS, so bad today that the autopilot did the opposite commands of the flight director.

Seems like everywhere is Australia is bugged, they released a harbour bridge update and Sydney scenery in general but it’s still missing the harbour bridge, crown casino and center point tower.
It’s disappointing, Canberra airport used to look really nice but the airport was like 1 meter in width so they fixed it and now it’s just generic building.

I will lodge some requests to support you on the ils bug.

Thanks @tozzleking

Zendesk failed to recover the ticket so clearly zendesk arent working with me here but I’ll try my best and might create a forum for people to bash the hell out of the tickets.