ZdenniZ' SDK wishlist

  1. Introduce No-snow flag in materials/textures (rather than in whole objects);
  2. Conditional objects display (such as display an object if it’s winter);
  3. Lights to not shine through objects geometry. I understand that it is impossible to make ALL lights cast shadows, but just light blockage would be enough;
  4. Projected mesh resolution - bring up to par with imported scenery objects. Keep original normal map and not merge it with the default in-sim one;
  5. Rain interaction with all normal maps, not only default one placed above custom apron materials/projected meshes;
  6. Access to long-distance lights to be used in scenery (such as aircraft’s strobe lights visible from huge distances);
  7. Double-sided materials to not be transparent to light. Currently if one side of the material is lit, the other one facing the opposite side will be lit too.
  8. Fix terraforming polys. Currently their effect in the dev mode is different from what you get in the normal mode after compilation;
  9. Fix certain Asobo textures usage (such as grass). Currently usage of Asobo textures in a project causes the textures unavailability and pink scenery wherever that texture is used in the sim;

That’s the list of the things driving me crazy as scenery developer. Zendesk ticket has also been created.

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