Zen Desk Service Wish List

Having forums like this is really helpful, however what is the point in asking us to log bugs and issues we find, within the zen desk support page, when all you are doing is instantly solving them. Why bother having a support desk at all. We are all facing issues, some of which dont stop you from playing but do cause problems. Myself im tired of losing ATC mid flight and I know there are many others out there with the same issue. However when i log a ticket #129885 (ATC) #129662 (slow generic planes) they are marked as instantly solved. How on earth are the support people going to know whats wrong with service like this.
Dont just write these off, have someone look at them and then mark as solved with a small comment. At least then we will know our bug has been noted.

Zen desk is triaging the bugs into an internal bug tracker that the dev team use, solved in zen desk doesn’t mean solved now in the product, only that it has been taken into the backlog or duplicates an already captured bug.

Please see the section regarding ticket statuses.

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Provided current status definitions for Zendesk tickets as of October 2021.