ZenDesk -- The Dilemma to get a simple GNS530 codeing error fixed

Here is my Dilemma

My past experience with ZenDesk has been less than impressive.
I sent in a CTD Bug, with MiniDump analysis, and all I got was some irrelevant canned response about how to setup the profile for a Joystick !!

So here it is - Not a Complicated CTD, but an exposed, visible, bad Java coding error that is causing a significant issue with LOC/DME approaches.

Any Plane using the GN530 (ie C172 Classic) uses the ASOBO AS530
ie AS530.js

The 530 is correctly displaying bearing as a rounded Integer . ie 240
The 530 should display DME (in NM) as a rounded float to 1 DP. ie 12.5

It is really obvious that whoever coded this, just copied the Bearing code and edited it incorrectly for the DME code.
Yes, they made it display fixed(1) ie to 1 DP, but they still Rounded the Distance to an Integer, so it will always display with a ZERO after the DP.

This makes it virtually useless when trying to use the DME for any Instrument procedure, and is very obvious if you try.

The FIX, is to correct the DME code.

ie (Round( DME * 10))/10 display Fixed(1)
instead of Round(DME) display Fixed(1)

Simple. Obvious error in code, takes all of 30 seconds to edit and fix.
But hours of “SCRUM” & then /Days/Weeks/Months before that can actually happen :frowning:

The Dilemma is, I can fix it in a 30 sec edit on my PC, and then 30 seconds to check if it has been overwritten twice a month when there are updates


Spend the considerable time & effort to submit a ZenDesk report, assuming it ever gets to ASOBO, or is just not on Backlog (for ever)

Yes, The RIGHT and COMMUNITY GOOD thing to do is to try to submit the Zendesk report, but the likely hood of it getting fixed, is almost as slim as getting into the cockpit on a Trans Atlantic flight after 9/11.

This is just one example of something that should be so easy to fix because the fix is so obvious and clear, but unless a large number of MSFS users report it and “Kick up a fuss”, the chances of it getting any attention are almost zero.

So, what I have decided to do is post the BUG information that I would send to ZenDesk, and see how many of you, consider it important enough to submit to ZenDesk yourself.

This is what you might consider submitting:

BUG: in AS530.js (as of patch release #4)
DME is being displayed as a “Rounded” INTEGER, with a trailing zero after the DP.
The 530 is meant to display DME to one Decimal Point ie 12.3, not with the training digit after the DP always forced to zero.

Module AS530.js
Line : 57

? Math.round(SimVar.getSimVarValue(“Nav DME:1”, “Nauticle Miles”)).toFixed(1) : “–.-”));

should be

? (Math.round((SimVar.GetSimVarValue(“NAV DME:1”, “Nautical Miles”)*10))/10) .toFixed(1) : “__._”));

Fixing this Bug will allow pilots flying planes using the AS530, to be able to carry out VOR/DME and and other DME based procedure, with the required precision, that the 530 should be displaying.

(above mod- Tested and 100% operational 10/17/2020 13:59 EDT @N6722C)

Note: If you want to temporarily FIX this yourself, a closely accurate fix, without altering the file size, which is to be avoided, is to just replace the Math.round with 10 spaces (using a simple text Editor like Notepad . DO NOT use a Word processor !!)
File size should then not change.

EDIT MSFS file at your own risk !!

This may not be a “BIG DEAL” for VFR Gamers, but for Simmers flying affected GA planes, it is a “PROBLEM”


Nice find if that is the case sir. Bash the heck out of Zendesk, be relentless )

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The point is there is 100% NO DOUBT that this is the case.
ASOBO do not have to do any debugging – just look at and fix the obvious code error.

But it will probably need ALL OF YOU to help “bash the heck out of Zendesk”, which in this case should be easy for you, as I have done all the work, and even given you a Bug Report sample you could directly use.

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All the reasonable complaint about the fixing time aside, check out the GNS530 mod:

It already provides this and many other fixes and you’re no longer dependent to modify game files which will be overridden by patches.


Already done.

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Good find, thank you for sharing!

However I believe hammering Zendesk with hundreds of individual submissions might not solve anything and here is why (NB: I’ve posted this in another discussion yesterday):

if I look at my Zendesk submission numbers, there has been about 16028 submissions in 25 days (I’ve just posted a new one). This is:

  • 105 new submissions every hour for the last 19 working days if treated 8 hours a day.
  • 26 new submissions every hour for 25 days non-stop still.

Now by the time you just triage this and start assigning, no wonder it takes time.

I believe they might get some results with better triage because if counting the number of duplicate discussions supposedly triaged and merged by moderators is any indication, I’m certain there are lots of duplicates in Zendesk submissions too…

Unfortunately there is not much to do but sharing your fix as community folder fix if possible, post a Zendesk and create a Bug Report with votes to raise awareness. As a matter of fact, I’ve submitted my Building Fix for v1.9.3 this way and they have been listening and they have exactly solved the issue with v1.9.5 the same way as with my fix (in this case, it was similar an issue to a coding error - specifically there was entries left-over from what is most likely development build).


If you put this post in the wishlist or bug report, we can cast a vote for you.

Something really weird and dark is going on with their bug fixing workflow and the way they are communicating stuff.

IMO they are still coding the core of the game, they are so behind the line that they don’t care about bugs, they just rush rush and rush the code. The code is getting coupled all over the place. They modify X and then Y,Z and W gets broken. I am worried really. What is worst is that they stated they are fixing 700+ bugs every 15 days, for internal test, where are those fixes after almost 3 months?

I understand it is a big system. But I think they are behaving weirdly, and that makes me suspect about what is going on behind the scenes.

Whatever it is, at the end it is kind of normal for a piece of software this big. But maybe they should sharpen a bit their communication skills. We have been asking for better and more sincere communication since day 1.


Zendesk is just run by a bunch of likely poorly paid tech support workers, they have no idea how the game works, just spew out canned responses, assuming they actually pass it on to the developers it should be fixed eventually, but you can’t be sure of anything, you might as well be trying to talk to a brick wall.

This is why I rarely ever buy games from larger companies these days, most indie game developers you can often talk to right away and usually have bugs fixed quickly, Asobo though is particularly bad with practically zero communication.

I’m sure they will fix this! They send a canned response but im sure they will fix bugs

Of course community mods are there already if you want it!

FANTASTIC, I have been trying to figure out how to do this sort of Mod by using the community folder, but have yet to figure out exactly how.

yes, The Community folder solution is the way to go, – editing files in “official” is not at all ideal

Now I have an example of how to do this with the Community folder, I am going to try your code. Thanks so much for your contribution :slight_smile:

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I think this is a good post, could the title be maybe reworded to point out that it’s a fix for the GNS530? Thanks for tracking this down and showing Asobo how to fix it! :small_airplane: :smile_cat:

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not my mod :grin: I’m just recommending it since it solves your issue (and some more you didn’t know you had :wink: )

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I’ve asked the Moderators to move it


OMG – I have so many other Issues I am not aware of, not to mention all the ones with MSFS,

Fortunatly, most of these issues are really unimportant, in the big picture of life.

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I am still trying to figure out EXACTLY what ZenDesk is, despite many Google searches.

Is it a purchased/leased software system for Ticketing that developers use, or is it a help desk service, that a developer hires to handle their ticketing … or a combination of either/both.

As far as MSFS is concerned, is ZenDesk staffed by ASOBO (technical) employees, or a specifically trained (?) Sub Contractor.

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Done … Title Updated tnks

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Yes, it is totally frustrating from the end user side when you spot a bug with a simple fix and can’t seem to get traction from the developer. However, @CptLucky8 is right about the likely number of incoming bugs and the level of time needed just to triage them.

That said, even though this is a simple bug with an apparently simple fix, time still needs to be taken to verify the problem and the proposed fix. I would expect that it needs to get code reviewed, built and then tested. For shipping software, this one line fix would still take several hours in the most optimistic case. And you can be that there are hundreds of hours worth of bugs exactly like this one. Low hanging fruit for sure, but in aggregate potentially very time consuming.

Should Asobo spend the time working on issues like this one, or should they be working on the all important “Press any key to start,” bug? :rofl: In all seriousness, I’d personally much rather have the focus on fixing the various issues that result in loss of aircraft/loss of flight, or that prevent major features from working altogether (like KSFO being missing in the nav database for Premium-Deluxe). But that is my personal opinion only and I’m not saying that you shouldn’t want this fixed (I’m only disagreeing with you on priority). If we both worked for Asobo, we could sit in the triage meetings and make our respective cases. :grinning:

Anyway, it comes down to where this bug comes in on the priority/severity scale. Honestly, I’d personally rate this bug priority 3, severity 3 on a 4 point scale, where 4 is the lowest. Don’t get me wrong, this is a good bug. But at the end of the day how impactful is it really in the larger scheme of things? My argument would be that this bug doesn’t actually prevent anyone from carrying out VOR/DME approaches; it just makes them a bit more non-precision than they already are.

I think rather than hammering Zendesk with dupes, voting on this thread is a better choice. If enough others care about this issue, it will get visibility through the community managers pulling issues.

I’m just thankful that we have some ability as a community to tackle some of these problems ourselves. Sometimes the approaches aren’t ideal (like modifying game files, which can be brittle), but at least we can make those choices ourselves while we are waiting for a more permanent fix. I just wish we had even more hooks than we have. The DRMed planes are especially frustrating, but there are plenty of other places where I’d like to make changes and can’t.


Unfortunately, the DME fix is NOT in this Community Update :frowning:

still has the same old code to display as dd.0

BUT… at least if I edit and correct it here, it will not be overwritten by a future ASOBO patch update :slight_smile:

Are they including it in the mod, too?

Strange, they clearly list it in the patch notes:

  • World4Fly Mod integration (Wrong radial and Rounded DME)

Maybe you can provide your fix to them so everyone can have it :slight_smile:

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