Zero Toxicity thanks

We have all been victims of abuse and toxicity in forums in the past.

There already has been a couple of threads dangling bait to purport said negative responses to MSFS.

Can I ask the Moderation team which this doesn’t require a response but to have a zero tolerance policy on anything negative festering in the forums.

This is possible and it can be done, issues and problems in the sim can be discussed maturely without the need to become toxic.

Flight simulation traditionally has a wide gamut of ages associated with them and I think these forums need be no different in how people can conduct themselves with some decorum.

I hope that people restrain themselves if they feel like they need to vent more colourfully than they should and as a result have the moderators swiftly sever any toxicity that may occur, because sadly it’s bound to at some point.

I already love this place and this community and I would love a culture that fosters inclusivity and positive thinkers who think outside the box and see issues as challenges and opportunities to help others as our pay it forwards.

This community does rock :pray::airplane::+1: Let’s ensure we protect that, have a nice day :flight_departure::flight_departure::v:



I must say that I saw many frustration users with infos about poor quality inside sim and refund money needs. Then they show under powered HWs with low settings. What to say to that? I remember old times from FS3 till today and can imagine how progress of sims was done…


There is a difference between negativity and toxicity. People had a huge range of expectations about the sim due to the hype before launch. Some are happy now, some are not. Considering how invested hardcore simmers are in their hobby, I think people are being pretty well behaved in general.


people should be able to express positive or negative feedback about MSFS or the previous sims but respectfully using respectful language. the forum moderators have been doing a great job, but one very important feature they really need to implement is to have the ability to block / ignore an user so that all forms of communication between me and the person I blocked will be permanently blocked and invisible. The feature would take a lot of burden off of the moderators

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You can ignore users by going to


Massive thank you. I’ve totally overlooked that area of the forum.


A community is only as good as its members and my experience, here, has been that the vast majority of members are positive and want to enjoy sharing their hobby with like minded people.

The community guidelines are the standard by which all posts should be measured. The stated aim:

We want to make these forums a positive environment for you to discuss Microsoft Flight Simulator related topics, and to give us your feedback on the sim.

This can only be achieved through the participation and contribution of the community.

In every community there are those who may have a different agenda to the rest. If you come across threads and/or posts that you think fall into this category then either move on to another topic or try and add something positive to the thread, steering it in a more positive direction.

If you find any post objectionable and are TL2 or above then please use the flag option under the post to draw it to the attention of the moderators. If you don’t have the option to flag a post, yet, then please send a PM addressed to @moderators.

You might be interested to know that since the forums went public with the launch of MSFS last week there have been on average over 1000 new topics/threads created per day. Additionally there have been on average over 6000 posts per day. It is impossible for the moderation team (or indeed probably anyone) to read every single post and so we need to enlist the help of the community in ensuring compliance with the Code of Conduct.
This is not a request for mini-modding by each forum member but rather a request to use the flag option or alert the moderators to problem posts through the PM system.

I have heard moderators expressing appreciation on the help given by community members and most of you do a great job in furthering the aims of the forums.

Please also be aware that, as per the guidelines, no one is allowed to discuss moderator activites on the forums and moderators won’t discuss moderation of other forum users individually. Also be aware that all forum members, including the moderators, are subject to the same Code of Conduct.

If you are unfamiliar with these guidelines then I would encourage you all to give them a quick read.

Onward and upward!