Zoom button for distance

Would love to be able to map a button to zoom a distance outside as well as inside the cockpit.

Lets make this Happen!

i was searching for a keyboard shortcut…WE NEED THIS !

IIRC the option already exists in non-VR mode doesn’t it? Could it be considered a bug that it doesn’t work in VR?

Is there any update to this? I haven’t been in MSFS for a while, in part due to the lack of VR zoom (a function that exists in VR in every other flight sim I’ve tried)

Having just recently really gotten into MSFS 2020 VR I was quite surprised there was no zooming for the horizon.
This is very sorely needed. First flight sim I have had that does not have it.

This VR zoom/binoculars feature is there in other simulators like X-Plane and DCS and I use it all the time. It seems like such an easy thing to add for Asobo.
Can we get more votes people? This would be a lot more useful that some of the other things that are at the top of the VR wishlist!

+1 for Zoom button pls

+1 for Zoom! :+1:

And another vote for a zoom feature in VR

One more vote for the Zoom button in VR, please. Much needed

In addition to being able to map a zoom button (similar to what Xplane has), it would be good if you could adjust in options how much zoom it produces.

This is evident bug, another on the long list of bugs apparently ignored by Asobo.
In non-VR zooming in external view is possible, by default with mouse wheel. In VR the same assignment just moves the camera angular position just a bit up and down.
There were several threads on this, most of then closed without any Aosbo reaction :frowning:

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Please add a VR zoom function that actually changes the fov/zoom level so that we can see outside detail in greater fidelity while in the cockpit. The current function only seems to zoom in on cockpit detail, or the equivalent of moving our head closer to the instruments.

Every other sim I’ve played in the modern era has this feature. It helps greatly in identifying landmarks due to the relatively low resolution of VR headsets, and being able to zoom would help to replicate the fidelity we get with our eyes in the real world.

I just happened across this old topic, but i have a solution for it. It’s possible using OpenXR Toolkit and AutoHotKey:

while (GetKeyState("6Joy5", "P"))
        RegWrite REG_DWORD, HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\OpenXR_Toolkit\FS2020, canting, 9
	Run, "C:\Program Files\OpenXR-Toolkit\companion.exe" -zoom 2
	Sleep, 100
RegWrite REG_DWORD, HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\OpenXR_Toolkit\FS2020, canting, 0
Run, "C:\Program Files\OpenXR-Toolkit\companion.exe" -zoom 1

I have a Pimax, so you might not need the canting registry setting. If your zoom mode seems crosseyed adjust the canting number. Also change your key assignment from 6Joy5 to whatever button you’d like to use. You have to keep your head level while zoomed.

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