Zoom Reset

Is there a command to reset the cockpit zoom? I’ve setup up keys to zoom in and out but would like a key to reset to the default level but I can’t find anything under zoom.

Joystick button two resets it on my Thrustmaster T1600

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Yea, it’s button 3 on my Warthog. So there’s a binding there somewhere. If you don’t get an answer soon, I’ll get in the sim and see if I can find it. Regards

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Okay thanks, I’ve had to bind all my controls. I’ll have a further dig around.

you should be able to find the Reset Cockpit View, and map it, for keyboard its CTRL+SPACE. for stickes just search by name for it. , quicu tip, make sure to select “everything” and not just “assigned” on the filters when looking for functions.

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Great thanks.