Zoom speed too fast and pan in external view?

So is there a fix for keyboard zoom being too fast?
Also, I’d like to use the joystick hat to pan around in external view just like I did in cockpit view but can’t seem to find related commands to map to. Am I missing something?

Controls -> FILTER: ALL
Search for: external view look

And keyboard zoom is supposed to be fast, because there is actually just no use to zoom slower. You either zoom or not.

I think you’re missing my point. For example in the cockpit try to zoom so a G1000 panel fills the screen. Good luck getting the exact zoom level. It’s just way too fast and I’m not the only one complaining. On top of that there is no modifier key to slow it down like in other sims…

There is no need to zoom to panels. You need zoom to look outside.
There is key (A) to change cameras/look panels, which is much easier than zooming.
You just need to assign keys for pilot positions to use panel views…

There are also very good fixed cameras, and you can have your own cameras where ever you want… So why zoom with keyboard anyways?