Zotac 4070 ti asking for advices

Good evening guys, as stated in the title, tomorrow i will get a shiny new Zotac Trinity 4070 ti. Any expert can tell me some advice? I came from a GTX 1080 non ti. Thank you!

PRO: Prepare yourself for major FPS increases (if your CPU has the headroom)

CON: Prepare yourself for the size and weight of the 4070Ti :astonished:

Did a 3 hours flight with 747 and all butter smooth, i am amzed! Did’nt expect that power. By the way my case is big and fresh enough to handle this massive card.

I’m also coming from a 1080.
Trying to decide on its replacement. Torn between the 4070ti & 4080. Is the 4070 enough?

Recently upgraded to a 5800X3D

Im very happy with my 4070ti, for sure 4080 is way better, but you should keep in mind the price tags, i got my 4070ti at eur 930, i think a good deal

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After extensive research I bit the bullet and ultimately decided on the 4080.
Picking it up on Monday :grin:

I have a 3060ti FE for my graphics card, which is working great so far at 1080p. I suspect in the future if I upgrade my monitor I might want some extra power. That said, using the v sync to limit the frame rate works brilliantly anyhow.

4080 installed (it fits but it’s a monster).
With everything on ultra (terrain LOD at 150) @1440p locked at 60fps with gsync it’s buttery smooth and doesn’t budge even at detailed payware airports in the PMDG 737.
It’s very quiet, just sits there at about 50% load, 50 degrees, drawing 100 - 150 watts.
Flight sim nirvana

Same experience but i am on 4070 ti, no troubles at all!

I went for the 4080 over the 4070ti purely because of the additional VRAM.
I don’t know how critical that will be now or in the future but I figured I would better future-proof myself with 16Gb instead of 12Gb.
From the reviews I read about both I would have been happy enough with the performance of the 4070

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