ZPPP Missing Airport

ZPPP Exists on the map but is missing within the sim. I created a flight plan and was able to do an ILS approach to ZPPP, but it was not there upon approach. It is visible with satellite imagery enabled but is just that, an image.

I can’t find a listing for that airport in any real data.

Oh my. My mistake! I’m used to the ‘K’ prefix in US airport codes The one I meant was ZPPP, Kunming Changshui Int. in China. I will edit the OP.

I also edited topic title to reflect ZPPP

There is a fairly lengthy list of airports missing from MSFS in this thread: Missing Airports Sent to Zendesk

ZPPP is recorded on that list. Please vote in that thread.


Voted here and on the main missing airport thread; plus submitted a report to zendesk. Really hoping this airport gets added soon

It’s not the lack of airports, it’s the misuse of airports. Zppp is at the old airport now. That airport has not been used for many years. Runway images can be seen on the new ZPPP. But the ground is uneven and there are no other facilities.

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