LITTLE PROBLEM planes flying oblique, incline to the left

i just re installed msfs because oddly all planes seems to having a problem. im on the runway starting full throttle and the back of the planes goes on the left sde. and the planes
doesnt go straight. then when airborne plane doesnt go straight because of the back going to the left.and same thing when landing. incline or oblique . i dont know how to say it but its strange,its not straight. ive done it with b350i and c172 g100 same problem. i really dont know what is causing this. before never had any problems. i hear a pouk like the plane bump to a rock or something and then the back goes to the left.

Have you tried flying in a different part of the world to see if it is weather or scenery related?

I don’t know what planes we are talking about. If we are talking about propeller driven planes the problem is “between the seat and the controls”, thats the way propeller driven aircraft behave in real life as well.

The problem is that they don’t yaw left enough in flight, it’s more profound in real life. Unless we are talking about something else and its a bug or something. Have you checked if your rudder axis is centered? They have added options to sensitivity settings.

Please double check your flight model is set to ‘modern’, don’t use any of the ‘legacy’ ones.

Also check the sensitivity settings/centering of your controllers.

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thank you HELIBREWER for your hint about the weather. this was the problem. as soon t
change the real weather to OFF no problem . then ON i had problems. so i ve change the DATA setting in GENERAL to DEFAULT SETTINGS then real weather to ON again and this seems to resolved the problems or problem. just done many test with B350I king air and C172 G1000, with no problem at all. so case is SOLVED. thank you

thank you, no, propeller is not related to my problem, the problem was in the REAL WEATHER in the DATA GENERAL setting. just done many tests with B350I and C172 G1000 with no problem at all. so case is SOLVED. and still real weather is set to ON. dont know if i made a miracle but everything seems to be perfect.

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