Category Topics


Plan a group flight, check out fly-ins events, and more.


New to MSFS or returning after some time away? Help each other with tutorials, wiki guides, and more here!

Fly Together

Explore the world, discover new places to fly, share screenshots, and connect with your fellow simmers from around the globe!

Default Aircraft

Discuss base MSFS aircraft: tips and tricks, airplane functionality, cockpits, and more.


Help each other with issues, workarounds, hardware, and more. Note: For bug reporting to the dev team, use Zendesk.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Welcome to VR! Please read the pinned posts for Rules, FAQ and Known Issues. If you would like to troubleshoot any bugs/issues, please use the VR Bugs/Issues section, but always send an official bug report via Zendesk.

Bugs & Issues

This section is dedicated to bugs & issues for the core sim (not mods or 3rd party content) – Utilize the voting system and only post if you do not see your bug listed. Please post one bug per topic and don’t forget to report bugs officially to Zendesk.

SDK Discussion

Read the SDK here:! This category is for discussion of the SDK. Share tips and tricks, tutorials, and more. Note: Please do not distribute projects here. This section is for discussion, learning, and providing feedback on works in progress.

Third Party Addon Discussion

Use this category to discuss third-party addons, ask questions and seek advice. This is not a bug-reporting forum. Please read category rules within. These addons are not vetted by MS/Asobo and may cause issues. Only download and install addons, from creators and websites that you trust.