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Official Microsoft Flight Simulator

Current Version: Welcome Simmers! Learn about who manages and supports these forums by reading about the Forum Team here.

Community Content Hangar

Become a part of the community by sharing your latest screenshots, videos, and tutorials, or simply come here to search for upcoming fly-in events, groups, and more!

Discussion Hub

This sub-category is for discussion of any and all core or 3rd party products and features in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Please see the User Support Hub for help questions.

User Support Hub

This section is for user-to-user support. Feel free to ask questions here to other simmers who may be able to help with your issue.

Bug Reporting Hub

This section is dedicated to Bugs for the core sim and 1st party content – Utilize the voting system and only post if you do not see your bug listed. Please post one bug per topic. All SDK topics, bugs, and feature requests can be made over on our SDK DevSupport Forums.