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Q: So, is this where I can submit a bug report?

No, though there will be presence and interaction from Microsoft, our main database for bug reporting will live on Zendesk. Please report all bugs through this tool. Any bugs reported here in the Bugs & Issues area meant to help make other community members aware and provide a place for users to help each other with possible workarounds.

Q: I am a new user/simmer and would love some extra help and guidance in the community. Who could help me?

Our Co-pilots are awesome, helpful forum members who are here to say hello, answer any questions about the community, and get you situated. Feel free to learn more about them and reach out to them here. You can also Introduce Yourself here to say hello!

Q: I’m confused how these forums work, where can I learn how to navigate them?

Check out the Forum Guide for tips and tricks on how to work through the forums.

From the entire Microsoft Flight Simulator Team, we are so excited to have you here. Thank you for believing in us and coming along on this journey. Happy flying!