Live weather working sporadically - stuck on clear skies, 20C, 2992, 225/5 with live weather on

Hmmm… Had to check the situation here in EFHK… This is pretty much the same what we got in reality… Low clouds, visibility not so great… Only thing is that the sun is not visible through the clouds as it is in the sim.

That looks like only the low visibility is simulated there and not any clouds. The visibility simulation seems to work independently of the servers, so it works even when servers are down.

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I see, could be that then. Let´s hope that this thing get fixed asap.

Is the temperature correct though?

Nope… 19 degrees celsius, the reality is -5 or -6… Oh dear…

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Sounds like they’ve bitten off more than they can chew.

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Yeh thought as much. I’ve had the same problem earlier.

QNH is likely 29.92inHg as well? This, together with 19deg.C, is a pretty reliable indication that live weather is not working.


It was indeed :-1:

The only way I fix it is to keep a copy of REX weather force handy. It’s my backup when the weather does not work in the Sim. I’ve found that, just like in a real aircraft, you need redundancy for this simulator.

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Don’t expect anything to happen tomorrow (Monday). It’s NY holiday here in the UK and much of Europe, including I think France.

If they do work on it tomorrow it’s a bonus.

They won’t be in tomorrow. We’ll have no weather until Asobo get back into the office on Tuesday at the earliest, investigate what’s happened, and recycle whatever services crashed over the long weekend.

How has a sensitive mod not closed this? Lol. What a mess. The support Twitter account for MSFS hasn’t posted in weeks.

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They’re leaving this one thread for the time being looks like, they’ve been merging new complaints with this one.

And it turns out this was an unrelated thread about sporadic weather we had since SU7 I started 7 weeks ago. So mods are now merging unrelated posts (about the complete weather outage) into this unrelated topic. :confused:


Best guess is their communication process is so sluggish that by the time their legal dept approves a tweet, the issue is solved, so their support twitter account is mostly useless. And on top of that, they don’t want to tweet anything that would have a negative marketing impact, such as acknowledging server issues.

Really too bad that Asobo appears to have a total gag on their devs and we mostly only get corporate-speak type communication, and a minimal amount of it at that. Really leaves the userbase hanging. The mods here appear to get no special information that the users don’t already have access to, so I don’t blame them.


If you want to talk about entitlement, let’s say it as it really is…

We all paid for a product and multiple times now we are not receiving what we paid for and this is just in regards to the server issues with the weather. If you then add the other non-server issues we currently experience with the weather since SU7, we are truly not getting what was advertised and sold to us.

So of course people are entitled to feel annoyed and frustrated, they are not getting what they paid for.

Again though this has been a problem in the flight sim industry for years and years long before MSFS was even a thing.

For some reason, taking a customers money and not providing the service or product you advertised seems to be the gold standard in flight simulation.


The banner says “we are investigating”

perhaps the right statement should be “we will investigate”

it has been more than a day and no action taken. what a bummer. :slightly_frowning_face:


Moderator guidelines are to see that all follow the Code of Conduct which you all agreed to when you joined this forum.

Think of them as an extension to our team. They are here to support, guide, answer questions, and keep the forums civil and positive. They are enforcers of the Code of Conduct, and are empowered to act on our behalf to keep our posts friendly towards one another and constructive for the MSFS team.

If you feel moderators are sensitive, contact to have guidelines changed.

This topic was created before the issues of this new service outage. Closing.

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