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I reported a similar problem on Zendesk, because I thought it was something exceptional but now I realize that going on, others come up … I would like to know if it is appropriate to report or is something known to the MS / ASOBO team that will be corrected in the near future.

This is the visualization of the INGA IG 275Kz NDB system.

Loading object from BGL FAILED: {2FB72C66-290C-4727-B970-DA20984CEE83}
at LLA: -5.516667�X - 13.583333�X - 0.000000
with source identifier: ‘GetRegion Qmid (L: 11, U: 825, V: 543) pck = fs-base-nav’

I think this applies to non-English speaking countries. Mine was already as you suggested here in USA.
Thanks tho

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