New Simmers: Introduce Yourself!

Hi Sergio,

I believe the GeForce MX110 is below the minimum specification.

See here:

There is still an option to play via game pass cloud gaming though,

See here:

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Hello! My stage name is Noodle Soup#2585. New to the sim with a small amount of experience. My 14 year old grandson wants to be a pilot and I thought MSFS would be a great way to spend time with him - and enjoy the fun of flying! We have a Turtle Beach yoke/throttle along with Thrustmaster T16000M/Throttle and are working to program everything.

We live in SE Michigan and are also interested in meeting with others who enjoy the hobby, so if your in my area, reach out! We’re looking forward to participating in the community.

Edit: we are using the PC version.


Hello everyone,
Like many of you, I’m retired, and am hoping to get back to flying Flight Simulator again. My first experience with MSFS was back in the '80s (my boss had v1 - installed on his office computer). I’ve been using it ever since I bought my own PC in 1995, purchasing MSFS 1995 shortly thereafter. I’ve been a beta tester for FSX & the previous Microsoft Flight version, and had actually signed up to be a beta tester 3 years ago for FS2020, but my punny 2.5Kbps rural bandwidth did not meet the beta specs (:disappointed_relieved:).

MSFS was not my first flight experience, though - that was with a Vickers Valleta a long, long time ago, now. I remember boarding the 11:00 red-eye out of Heathrow on a cold, rainy autumn night and looking into the cockpit and seeing 2 men surrounded by a halo of softly glowing dials and switches.
Vickers Valleta

A couple of years later I “upgraded” to a Vickers Vanguard, still flying out of Heathrow. No jetways in those days, just a rather small bus that took you from the terminal out to the steps up to the plane.
Vickers Vanguard

and then a big step up to Jets! - and the sleek-winged VC10…
Vickers VC10

After that Boeing pretty well took over the market.

I’m hoping to get high-speed internet access, now that it has - supposedly - arrived in my part of rural America. If so, I’ll be buying the Premium Deluxe version & seeing you in the MSFS skies. If not, it will be back to chasing deer out of my garden for another 3 years…

Happy Flying to all,


Good afternoon/morning/evening.

My name is Supercallous, but you’re welcome to call me Matt.

I recently got into MSFS due to it being available on Game Pass.
I’m playing on PC with an XBOX One controller and mouse/keyboard.
It takes some getting used to, but I’m really enjoying it so far.

Looking for guidance and tips etc to help improve my experience in the game.

Open to conversations with anyone.

Look forward to seeing all of you in the skies.


2 questions:

  • Can someone tell me why I often see unrecognizable aircraft, aircraft without a company imprint, so yellow/grey, at the airports? Sometimes I do see a well-known aircraft, but often only with a color.

  • sometimes on the departures or approaching the runway the game crashes and I go to the Xbox home screen. I’ve read these problems with others as well.
    You can see it in this video:

Is this a bug? Will this ever be resolved?
I’d like to hear from the experts.


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Hello @BdB19826485!

Welcome to the forums! When you get a chance, take a look at the Code of Condct to learn how things work around here and also check out #self-service:forum-guide for some forum tips.

Let me go ahead and introduce myself for you-I am @HamMan2118 and I am a Category Moderator here. You will see me around doing some moderation work. You will also see a bunch of other moderators as well-the full list here: Welcome to the Public Forums!. Note that Moderators do not work for Microsoft or Asobo. If you have questions, take a look at the Co-Pilot list: Our Co-pilots (Welcome Crew). You can send a PM to one of them.

Let me try to answer some questions for you:

These are AI generated by MSFS, and depend on the aircraft. For example, an IRL 737 flying will most likely be matched with the generic A330 model, or an IRL 747 will be matched with a generic A380. The reason you will most likely see a generic color is because MS/Asobo may not have the licensing to use real-life airline liveries. (Example: MS/Asobo may not have permissions to use an United Airlines livery)

There are a list of topics here on Xbox CTDs (another term for crashes): Search results for 'Xbox CTD #bugs-and-issues ' - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums
Regrading a CTD on takeoff and approach, once you reach Trust Level 1 (which Is really easy to achieve, look here: Trust Levels and How To Advance) create a topic in #self-service:ctd-help and you may ask users there.
But for right now-may I ask two questions?
1.) What aircraft do you experience a CTD in?
2.) Do you experience a CTD in a certain airport?

Thank you-we are really happy you are here!

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Thanks for your answer. :v:

this is a recurring problem (ctd) and it happens with various aircraft and airports. More often on a long flight. It seems that there is too much memory to be used causing the system to crash.


I just installed new Sim. I used to fly a Cessna and practice on the old Sim . After about a month of back and forth frustration trying to update drivers and use old peripherals I decided I had to get a new PC, peripherals, etc. It works wonderful when it works. Still crashes a lot.
Anyways, I will be patient and figure it out a crash at a time - and maybe learn to use the forum - and soon I will spend more time flying than programming.



Hi Everybody,

How do i make a new post? I can’t find any button.

Kind regards,


Hi there,

just hang around the forums for a bit (about 15 minutes), read some topics/posts, it should unlock ‘trust level 1’ for you (basically the forums spam protection). For more info;

Trust Levels and How To Advance - Community Support / Forum Guide - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums



Okay, thanks for the information

Kind regards,


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Hi, you can call me: Beech Nico
I am playing Microsoft Flight Simulator on: PC
I want to try flight simulation because: I love to fly and it’s a good alternative when weather is bad outside
I’m most interested in learning about Bush Flying Activities in Microsoft Flight Simulator.


HI ! new to the forum here! hoping to get some insight into a few things with MSFS. I’ve not dived into a flight sim since the good ole microprose days.

Really enjoying the Sim. Learning this has always been a bucket list for me - now i’m diving more into flight navigation, learning how to use actual compasses and triangulating oneself, having a blast fidgeting with the g1000.

all in all enjoying the whole experience.

Who’d thunk just spending hours practicing take-offs and landings can fill out the evening :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome to the forums @BeechNico and @Amblyopic! Glad you are both enjoying the sim and we are glad to have you. :slight_smile:


Hi Blueged here
I’m new to new to Xbox Flight Sim, watching all the tutorials on youtube I can find.
Will be playing on Xbox controller or Velocity flight stick,
Can’t wait to get started.
I am from Washington DC USA.


Hi, you can call me Kam!
I am playing Microsoft Flight Simulator on PC
I want to try flight simulation because I’m a bit a simulation nerd but mainly racing and a little train but I haven’t tried Flight simulator in years!


Hi…guess we are both new.


Elif here,from Italy


Hallo Simmers, I am ‘Aerojive’
First time I played MSFS was in 1991 on PC, stopped playing for over 15yrs, and recently picked up MSFS in 2022. Wow! Graphics are amazing! . I’ll be going shopping soon to get Top specs PC to enjoy the full experience.
One thing that has not changed still is little to no play content from Africa, which is a shame with all its natural beauty and landmass.
I’m from the West Africa but resident in beautiful Deutschland near the great EDDF airport.
I found myself visiting the forum so often as anonymous user that I decided to register today and share the experience.
I am looking forward to joining community fly-in.
Flew Gliders in my younger days and therefore I love the Gliders in MSFS. My favourite planes are Gliders, DC3 and all the Choppers!
See you at out there!