New Simmers: Introduce Yourself!

Are you brand new to flight simming? Did you just get into it recently through Xbox or PC? We would love to say hi and welcome you to our community!

Feel free to introduce yourself here. You may use this form if it helps:

Hi, you can call me:
I am playing Microsoft Flight Simulator on: (Xbox or PC)
I want to try flight simulation because:
I’m most interested in learning about _____ in Microsoft Flight Simulator:

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As no-one has yet responded to @Jummivana 's post, I thought I’d break the ice and perhaps other new Xbox ‘pilots’ will also check in.

I’m ‘SofaJockey’
I’ll be on Xbox Series X and haven’t played MSFS since MFS 4.0 (c.1991)
I’m from the UK; EGLM (White Waltham) is the airport local to me.
The sim looks gorgeous and I’m looking forward to it.

Who’s next? :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome, sofa jockey, it’s great to have you!


I guess I’ll jump in as well!
My name is Orlovsky.
I too will be playing on a series X, have played flight sims a little over the years, but never really in-depth. Looking forward to some mostly sight seeing trips, but learning to fly has been a bit of a fascination, so maybe this’ll start me down that path.


Welcome to the MSFS community. Us co-pilots are here to help you on your journey


Hey all.

New flight simmer here, will be starting out on the series X on Tuesday. Not experienced on flight seems but fairly keen on aviation in general. Looking forward to getting started!


Hi & Help. How do I play as ATC?? I downloaded this game to flex those skills, and can only see how to fly, not play in the tower. Please help? Endless googling and searching your forums are not helping…

Hi, you can call me: Winnie
I am playing Microsoft Flight Simulator on: PC
I want to try flight simulation because: I want to play as ATC
I’m most interested in learning about ATC in Microsoft Flight Simulator:


Hi Winnie! Welcome!

MSFS does not have a way to play as ATC. However, try searching for VATSIM or PilotEdge. Those are the two services that interface with MSFS, and with training, you can become a controller on VATSIM.

Happy landings!


I always enjoyed flying and driving games and over the years have built a nice console setup eventually would love to move to pc


Hi from Spain
I’m playing MFS on PC and I return since MFS X but never I learned how to use a plane in correct way and now I want to.
Apologize me about my english, but it is a little bit rusty.
If you could help me about how to start and how to grow up myself, I appreciate it so much.
Thank you for this community and for your help, see you pals


I am called Wellmade66 (or Jim :slight_smile: )
My nearest airport is Cumbernauld Airport (ICAO: EGPG, FAA LID: CBN) just outside Glasgow,
I will be playing on Series X
Looking forward to relearning how to fly.


Hi Everyone,

I got my series S, purely so I can play Flight Sim, I’m so excited🤗

I was first introduced to the world of flight sim when my other half dug out a very old version he had for his pc around 6 years ago and we spent 3 days playing it.
I’ve been waiting since then for it to arrive on a console, I’m currently driving my other half mad watching you tube videos. :rofl: :rofl:


I am Gerald and from South Africa
I love flight simulators and love flying the Cessna CJ4.
Happy flying and hopefully we can fly together…in the sim :slight_smile:


I’d start simple, something Cessna 172 or 152. Get the feel. There are many YouTube videos to watch to get you started.

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Hi there,

I’m James. First time flight simmer, but I’ve always been fascinated by flight. I used to fly hang gliders in the US, but I moved to Europe about 3 years ago and haven’t flown since I’ve arrived.

I’m playing on the PC and after going through the short tutorials started doing short flights around the places I’ve lived. Since then I’ve been trying to learn as much as I can about flying the planes properly, doing some IFR flying, and learning about aviation in general. Squirrel, P Gatcomb, and Doofer911 have all been amazing resources. Half the enjoyment of this game (and sometimes frustration) has been figuring out what to learn next and learning it before trying to apply it in a flight.

I’ve only done a handful of GA aircraft so far (C152, C172, and the G36), but will probably start sampling the others soon. Looking forward to flying and learning more :slight_smile:


Hi SimDude, welcome ! Your setup looks really nice !!

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Hay all, I’m Dai

I’m on PC mainly for this sim but do love Elite Dangerous too. I did have the windows 95 flight sim back in the day, but this new sim blows me away in it’s detail.

I’m in Wales UK and my local airport is Swansea EGFH, I’ve mainly been flying around the uk so far and learning landings in the C152, C172 and DA62 (I love the DA62!).

I look forward to seeing you all in the skies :wink:


Phwoar! Jealous of that setup

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Hi everyone!

My name is Talven and my closest airport is YSSY (Sydney, Australia).

I will be playing on the Xbox Series S.

I used to play flight simulator in the past (FSX) and loved it… unfortunately my computer doesn’t meet the system requirements for FS2020. I have never had an XBOX before as I have been a playstation owner since the beginning (I’m lucky enough to have a PS5), but I bought an XBOX series s for this game and am so excited. Might upgrade to an X when they get cheaper.

I would love to sim in the Xbox and just explore the world. I am also a Geography teacher and would love to bring my console and FS2020 to the classroom and explore our geographical skills with the kids through this game.

Also, with Australia being in lockdown and international travel made illegal unless you have an exemption, flight sim is the only way to travel at the moment… as travelling is my favourite hobby and I’m having withdrawals! Can’t wait to play this in two days time.

Nice to meet you all :slight_smile: