[Released] SF50 Vision Jet G2

I agree. That would not only be easier, but also feel more realistic.

I have to say that this aircraft has reinforced my love for VFR again. And while exploring in VFR, if i decide to go somewhere interesting in the “nearby” function, i can quickly switch to IFR, set up my VNAV speeds for descend and let it automate its way to the destination runway, with a spectacular cockpit visibility to boot.


I had fun with Spad.Next yesterday: long press on one of my yoke buttons, the Tablet appears, pause 3 seconds, then remove cover, remove statics, remove chocks, remove headphones, pause, stow tablet. Another button reverses the above when flight is done.


I like the update, but not the sounds. There’s a high pitched note in there even with the headphone simulation on. Sounds like a dentist drill doing morse code.

Turn the nav ident audio off?


this is my first time posting. I am having an issue with the G3000 displaying in visionjet 2G.
below is a link to dropbox public for a screenshot of the issue. If anyone can assist I appreciate it.

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Hey and welcome. Make sure you are not using an old livery, and that any old WT mods are removed.

Head over to [Released] SF50 Vision Jet G2 - #845 by Nikkoum and search that thread for info.

You should contact the developer FlightFX on their discord for support on this product.

I’ll check that out. I always turn Com volume off to eliminate that scratchy background radio chatter.

Has anyone figured out how to remove the headsets from in front of the pilot’s view?

Stolen from antonvs on the FFX discord, since nobody can find the tablet (maybe it should be open by default when starting cold and dark)


use the tablet

same to me. small screen are blacked too

N722AP just took off out of KBED…

I love seeing this stuff in real life…

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[quote=“RagingWombat839, post:860, topic:556710”]
WT mods
thanks worked for me.
Removing old working title g3000 in my communauty folder

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My eyes prefer flightradar24. I like that they show a picture of the aircraft as soon as you click it on the map. No additional steps. It’s the little things.

Following this one now. Watching the landing speed.

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Thank you all for your input. Removing WT MODs in community folder resolved the issue. Again thank you.

Same issue here, remove the g3000 mod from Comunity folder solve to me.

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New updates with the Navigraph plugin for the Xbox is awesome. Seeing where I am on an external display is great.

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Anyone seen this lol? Why does he hate the Vision Jet so much? Obviously something personal going on there lol.