New Simmers: Introduce Yourself!

Hey, I’m not new to flight sims, although my last experience was on a very laggy X-Plane 10, so you can only imagine my excitement about MSFS on Xbox S.

I have bought the Thrustmaster Joystick and Pedals ready and waiting for tomorrow’s release, although I’m wondering if it’s worth investing in a keyboard and mouse too?

Any help and tips would be much appreciated :+1:


Not going too deep into discussion in this thread, but from what we’ve seen from the pre-release youtubers and streamers, I think you’ll do just fine with your setup + the controller. Just give it a whirl tomorrow. You can always grab a mouse and keyboard later on if you feel like you’re missing something.

If you have any further questions, feel free to open up your own topic, or shoot me a DM.


Awesome, thanks. Can not wait!!!

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Welcome everyone! Happy flying :small_airplane:


I am a real life commercial pilot but have not flown lately. I used to play FS not since 1991 and will be flying now on a Series X.

Happy to be a part of this community and very excited to experience this new release.

Happy flying colleagues!


Hello everyone, I’m DONNY.

I’ll be playing MSFS on the Xbox Series X in 4k, using my thrustmaster Hotas.

I’m looking forward to learning the mechanics behind flight and msfs, enjoying the grownup challenge and roll playing with myself lol.

I’m even more keen to have a break from the usual stress inducing Competitiveness of FPS that I usually play. I loved elite dangerous on the X and that gave me a taste of flight and the Hotas.

Very excited to sit in my cockpit of a cessna 152 and just learn this from the ground up.


My name is Rob.
I will be playing on the XBOX Series S.
Looking forward to learning how to play the game and seeing where I can fly from/to.


Hi Kermit,
Jim here - I’m one of the Co-pilots. Do ask any questions you have about all aspects of the sim and flying in general and we’ll all pile in and try and assist you. That’s what we’re for!

Above all - have fun.


Hi all I’m DiscoDave50 I’ve been in the virtual skies on my Series X using the Hotas One and controller - found some issues with the Hotas if I’m honest but it gets the job done. Just completed a flight in a C172 from Liverpool (where I live now) to Doncaster (where I’m from) and I really enjoyed it. Real weather and all players - I saw quite a few nametags! My landing at Doncaster could have been better (came in at the wrong end much to the annoyance of atc!!!)


Doncaster - from memory - is always tricky as you never can quite judge the winds and not even the FISO in the Tower can give you 100% accurate info - so, I say, Well done You!

Dare I say it - any landing at Doncaster is a good landing - and then, if we expand on that to the wider sim- any landing, anywhere - where everybody walks away from the aircraft - is a good landing.
That’s what we say in the real World - so let’s agree that’s good enough to say in MSFS.


Hello been along time since playing MGS on PC now on XBox and learning all over again :australia::flight_departure:


Hi all! Welcome to the public forum and to our community!

Enjoy the sky!


Cmac2173 here not new to flight sims, played Falcon 4 Allied Force,and now BMS. I will be playing on the Xbox Series X. Now I just need to find a compatible flight stick that I’ll like with this since me Hotas x-55 Rhino won’t work. Looking forward to flying commercial planes now versus fighter jets.


Hi all, Nick here
Originally from Manchester, UK but now living in Adelaide, Australia with my nearest airfield being Aldinga. Not played a flight sim for years (wireframe graphics era). Playing on xbox series S with a thrustmaster hotas one stick, not a great initial experience as the stick setup is buggy and I’ve somehow messed up the default settings and cant get it back to default! Oh well I’ll get there eventually.


Hi All
New XBOX X simmer here, after years of using P3D for flight simming, decided to leave a lot of my old software behind and use the console…will be using my nearest Airport EGNH as my base. long term looking forward to seeing how both VA’s and VATSIM can be accomodated on the console. Really impressed with the platform despite some bugs (A£")neo autopilot pull/push switch issues), anyone wanting to fly round NW england at any time give me shout via this and connect via discord on the FS community channel.
Blue skies


Growing up yourself is certainly as valid as in group. But just in case you want to be on your own just because you feel like you are too new and behind, don’t let that stop you from exploring groups.

Since you mention you are from Spain, I can point you to CAVOK academy in IVAO Spain helps many members, and also some virtual arlines welcome you from the beginning. In Spain let me mention FlyAnt Cargo VA | Bienvenida


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Hi there.
Well you should have no trouble with that particular joystick, I’ve known some user that has it working as it should.
Maybe your point is you’d like to find something more in the ‘civil’ lines, as opposed to your sim experience with the combat sims you mention. Well I’d say my joystick, also kind of a fighter one (T16000 with the TWCS as a HOTAS) is closer to reality for what I fly in real life (Tecnam P92) than any yoke. Place the stick on your left and you have a closer airbus as well.
I mean, don’t let the kind of controller limit your immersion! :slight_smile:

Thank you serolrom I gonna look that website :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Afternoon. Xbox Series X user here. Edinburgh Scotland is my local airport.

Ground data for my area seems very old, wondering if this is common. +5 years for my location.

Yes im aware its a flight sim :slight_smile: looking forward to getting into the game more.


Hi, you can call me: Craftytigers
I am playing Microsoft Flight Simulator on: xbox Series X
I want to try flight simulation because: I received my Gliders licence thru the CRGS (CPZ3, CFB Mountainview, Belleville Ontario, and CNT7, Picton, Ontario) in 1996 with the Royal Canadian Air Cadets and then pursued my PPL in 2000 but never completed due the flight school closing after 9/11 (CYLS, Lake Simcoe Regional Airport, Onatrio).
I’m most interested in revisiting the airports and flight plans that I have previously flown and fly around the world with friends and family.