How and When to Flag a Post

What are flags?

Flags are an important part of maintaining a civil community on the Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums. Flags allow users to identify questionable or inappropriate content for review, or in some cases, automatically take action as a result of multiple flags. To flag a post, use the little flag icon next to the Reply button under the users’ post:




or flag the entire topic at the bottom of the topic/thread if the main topic violates the Code of Conduct OR the topic is in the wrong category or a duplicate:



Should I flag posts?

Yes! If you see a post that is off-topic, spam, inappropriate or otherwise violates our Code of Conduct or TOS, flag it! The post or topic must be in violation of the Code of Conduct. If your flag does not violate the Code of Conduct or TOS, we will “Disagree”; of which lowers your flagging score. If we “Agree” to your flag, your flagging score raises. If the topic is in the wrong category, a duplicate or not in English, flag the first post (or flag at bottom of the topic/thread) as “Something Else” and indicate in the box where it should go or where the duplicate(s) are located. Never flag Staff posts.

Should I flag posts on users I don’t like or disagree with?

No! This would also be against the Code of Conduct for “revenge flagging”. You will get a message to you from staff. All flags on posts must violate our Code of Conduct or TOS.

Should I flag posts in violation of the Code of Conduct or TOS and post or reply on the forum that I flagged that user?

No! This would also be against the Code of Conduct for discussing moderation. It may get your post flagged - as well as a message to you from staff. Replying to posts you flag may also cause the topic to go off-topic. It is also best to never reply to posts that have been hidden.

Who can flag posts?

Any community member who is not a new user can cast a flag on any post (except staff member posts). Only users who have reached a Trust Level of 2 (TL2) or higher can flag posts/topics. For further information on Trust Levels, see: Trust Levels and How To Advance Guide - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Will anyone know that I flagged a post?

Only Staff will know who cast a flag. The author of the post will not know. All flag types are completely anonymous except if you chose the option to send a message to the user.

Will something always happen if I flag a post?

An action may occur as a result of your flag, but it is not guaranteed. Keep reading for what happens after you cast a flag…

What happens when a flag is cast?

When you flag a post, it appears in a review queue for staff. Staff can then review the flagged content to decide what to do by basing the flag on the Code of Conduct or TOS. Options may include agreeing with the flag, disagreeing with the flag, and ignoring the flag. Additionally, staff can hide the post, triggering an automatic message to the user encouraging them to edit the post; silence the user; suspend the user; or delete the post.

NOTE: Flags from some well trusted users might perform temporary automatic actions like hiding. If a user has a high trust level and their previous flags have been agreed with often by staff, their flags will be more likely to temporarily hide bad content. However, all flags still go to a “review queue” for final review and final action by staff.

What happens when a post gets multiple flags?

If a post receives multiple flags and does not receive a staff action, an automatic action will occur. This action may temporarily hide the post or temporarily close the topic. There is a threshold for this automatic action - it could be 3 regular users, 2 senior members, or a mix. Staff receives a notification of this for final review and action of the flags.

Editing flagged posts

When a post is hidden by flags, users are given one opportunity to edit them.

  • Users must wait at least 10 minutes prior to editing the post. This ensures the user stops and thinks before editing, to minimize any rash changes.
  • If the post author edits the flagged post, the post is unhidden. Note: If this edit occurs before the flag on the post has been handled then the flag still remains in the review queue for eventual staff review, but is visible as usual to other forum users again.
  • If the post author does not edit the flagged post, it is never unhidden, barring staff action. If a post stays hidden for 30 days, it is automatically deleted.
  • If the post author edits the flagged post by keeping the same content rather than correcting the reason for the flag, this is in violation and the post will be flagged again and the user will be contacted by staff. Their post will remain hidden or it may be removed.

Re-flagging a post that was hidden and edited

If the same post is hidden by a second round of flags, the flags must now be manually handled by staff. The user is not given an opportunity to edit the post, as they already had that opportunity, and the community still sees an issue or staff may remove the post.

May I ask why my post was flagged?

Yes! Send a DM (Direct Message) to @moderators
Never post or discuss in the main forum why a post has been flagged; including your own. This is against the Code of Conduct and will get your post flagged - as well as a message to you from staff.

I wish to have my topic closed

Preferred Method: Send a DM (Direct Message) to @moderators with the link and reason why you wish to have your topic closed. Only the OP of the topic can request this.

Alternatively: Flag your first post (or flag the topic at the bottom of the thread next to “Reply to Topic”) as “Something Else” and write in the box the reason for the request. Only the OP of the topic can request this.


In Closing

The Code of Conduct and TOS are guidelines staff use when reviewing flags. Please keep this in mind when flagging to help prevent erroneous flags and unnecessary work for staff. Flagging correctly helps keeps the forum civil and assists the team! Who is the team/staff? See:

A reminder, the CoC states:

The Microsoft Flight Simulator forums is not the place to discuss disciplinary or moderator actions taken on an account, including your own. Please DM the moderators if you wish to discuss actions.

The Flight Simulator team and Community team reserve the right to edit, remove, or alter any post that violates this Code of Conduct or NDA agreement.

If you have any questions, please send a DM to @moderators

Thank you,
The MSFS Team