Official Discussion: February 3rd, 2022 Development Update

It’s up to third parties whether they want to release stuff on xbox. In the dev stream it’s stated the xbox system itself (!) is looked into being changed to allow for external code execution, just to cater for more complex airliners.

What are you being lied about? It’s not MS/Asobo’s job to develop 3rd party airplanes for the xbox. A lot of the prop planes are already very good. The fact you happen to only like airliners does not make it a useless game for people on xbox.

And please don’t pretend you’re speaking for all the xbox people.


At least he speaks for the absolute majority.

I wished there was a way to hide this Night Lighting ■■■■ in the marketplace. It Makes the Marketplace browsing so confusing not to be able to hide stuff like that.
Or all the reno planes, same story.


The KLAS (Harry Reid International Airport) that was sold did not work with the Xbox Series X.
I’m disappointed after the Las Vegas Bundle.

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I agree, I think the mods need to do something about the post flagging. This isn’t Reddit :man_shrugging:


Every flag is being reviewed manually. It’s not automatically hidden.

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No, there isn’t. There’s very little to do on there, yes I’m impatient when they promised us 12 aircraft on there and we got what, 4?


That’s not what that’s about at all. It’s the fact that they’ve said “Oh well we weren’t prepared for the influx of people.” Take one look at any social media and they could’ve seen how big it would become, but they didn’t, and now we’re sitting here with terrible addons. I also never claimed to speak for all Xbox players, but majority are incredibly angry right now because all it’s been recently is Microsoft Night Simulator. I’m just sitting here speaking the truth, we were lied to, and I don’t appreciate it.


That’s just purely subjective. I’ve said it twice and let me repeat it again:

It’s not MS/Asobo’s job to develop 3rd party airplanes for the xbox.

If 3rd parties don’t think it’s beneficial to release on the xbox, they won’t do it.

Apart from the fact there are quite a few planes to download, you already have 30+ planes to fly with.

And also don’t forget the developers only have had a chance to develop an airplane for xbox for only 6 months. You think it’s feasible to develop an complex airplane in 6 months?

So again:
Ho are you being lied to? What has been said that was a lie?

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Let me put it like this, there are very few good (and I use the term good as a collective from reviews I’ve seen from other Xbox users) addons on Xbox. They promised us 12 new planes in 2 weeks during the Q&A. It’s been 2 weeks. Where are the rest of them? And again, I’ve never said it was their job to develop them, I’m pointing out that they said that they were ill prepared for Xbox users, so why release without looking at the community and going, “Oh wow that’s a lot of people.” And doing something about it.

Jorg’s literal words:
“I think 55 out of 68 planes are going to be on Xbox within the next 2 weeks or something”

Right, and if you’re a developer for a AAA game you don’t throw the word “think” around lightly. It’s bad for business, because it’s going to give them hope, and when the hopes are crushed there’s going to be anger. I mean read the room, Xbox users down here are agreeing with me, only PC players disagree. They don’t have to deal with the stuff like we do, PC players get free liveries, we get ones that a paid because we’re easy to make a quick buck off of. I still have hope for the simulator, but right now? No. It’s bad.

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It may not be Microsoft or Asobo’s job to develop third party aircraft, but it is their job to provide a proper testing environment so the aircraft that have been developed for Xbox, get released without having to be removed from the marketplace or delayed due to issues with compatibility with the Xbox itself.

I think showing a bit of compassion and understanding for those of us on Xbox for the type of content that keeps being released each week vs what is actually being asked for would be beneficial for both the developers and the customers.

Have you seen the explanation about what exactly happened? Since this has never been done before, they couldn’t have foreseen it.

I have a lot of compassion and understanding. However, what some users still fail to grasp is that it’s simply not possible within the current Xbox ecosystem to have a 1:1 functionality as on the PC.

And even that fact they are trying to solve now by breaking open a part of the Xbox ecosystem, which is a marvel in itself that these kind of initiatives are being undertaken just to cater the need for complex airlines.


The marketplace is still down on my end since yesterday’s update. Anybody else having similar issues. The buy and download buttons are just greyed out. I would like to be able to download something I bought.

If you restart your simulator they should pop back up, I’ve had that happen a few times to me.

A little dramatic but I get your point. I would love to see more airplanes on Xbox, we are aware that this is a coding issue holding some of the releases back.
Have you tried contacting your favourite developer and asking if they have submitted the style of plane you want to the Xbox console?
Patience will bring reward, they are coming

Therein lies at least part of the issue though. I think a lot of the Xbox crowd went by the claims that were made by MS last year saying that the sim would be “the same” on Xbox as on PC. This was repeated by them over and over in Q&As and other interviews and venues.

Some of us who have a better understanding of that ecosystem realized what was meant by this was the VANILLA experience would be the same. In that sense, this was absolutely correct - plug an Xbox controller or Xbox supported HOTAS into a PC or an Xbox, and it’s the same experience. But there were a lot of Xbox users who took those claims made by Microsoft as meaning more than that. I wouldn’t say the marketing was deceptive, but they certainly omitted a lot of key information that the average Xbox buyer couldn’t be aware of when making their purchase.

As a result, there are a lot of rather upset people who bought an Xbox for MSFS who discovered there was no SimConnect, no selection of 3rd party hardware, no external apps, no community add-ons, and a somewhat sparse (although improving) selection of payware add-ons in the marketplace.

Of course, there are also some folks who are just terribly impatient and think they should have everything right NOW. They don’t realize it took about 6+ months after PC launch for good quality aircraft add-ons to appear in the marketplace for the PC. It’s been just over 6 months since the Xbox launch, and already there’s a decent selection of stuff available. Far more than PC had after 6 months.


Please stay on-topic without directing posts to others.

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Can’t wait to join the SU8 Beta! Hopes are for:

Less CTDs
More ‘reliable’ live weather
Common bugs fixed - (which I’m fully expecting they will be given this is the ‘bug fix’ update - but we can never be certain these days)
Improvements to CPU LOD load - probably a stretch to see this but if there are further improvements in DX12 Beta I’ll be happy