Official Discussion: February 3rd, 2022 Development Update

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Wish there was more solid info about the beta release here than “soon”.


Its all down to MS to disappoint us the developers have done their but by submitting them. Unfortunately its MS who can’t get it out there for us its shocking it really is

I also see that they released a new Harry Reid airport for Las Vegas. So after selling us the Las Vegas pack before where you can’t even take off from the main airport, instead of fixing it, they’ve decided to sell it off as a standalone product. Absolutely ridiculous.


Also just a FYI, Microsoft and Asobo, im happy enough to give you my money. Just release some GOOD products!! Surely you wanna make some money on these items???


Again an it will be more an Airport Simulator :smiley:


Once again mostly airports and night lighting for Xbox. We get two aircraft (anyone have any feedback on these companies? I have not purchased from them previous)


Can we get one week with no issues with the marketplace? Just bought an item and cannot download it but got charge for it. Now it seems everything in the marketplace is currently down.


Night Lighting Simulator 2020


It seems us Xbox users keep getting lied to, and we’re tired of it. Every group I’m in is in a rage because they have lied to us one too many times, now because I’m being a little angry here watch them remove this comment because it hurts their lying feelings. But everyone is sick of it, honestly how did you not know that Xbox would become huge? Do you not look at your player base, check your comments on YouTube or anything? When the Xbox trailer dropped a huge community formed and it was an incredibly obvious one, so tell me how you could see all this and you barely had to look, and you’re I’ll prepared to bring good addons to Xbox. Do you really think we sit there and go, “Oh some night scenery will be nice.” No, no one has said that, no one cares because the night scenery is absolutely fine. We’re sick and tired of it, people are beginning to leave or switch to other sims. The sim looks great, but the default airliners are trash, and you need to do something fast before you hit the point of no return, and believe me it’s soon.


Awesome to see a open beta coming for SU8 and it’s open to steam too. This is definitely the way forward and hope they continue with it.

Assume it’ll open a week or 2 before the update drops? Hopefully we can get a early changelog release at some point. Looking forward to jumping in and testing the fixes.


It’s up to third parties whether they want to release stuff on xbox. In the dev stream it’s stated the xbox system itself (!) is looked into being changed to allow for external code execution, just to cater for more complex airliners.

What are you being lied about? It’s not MS/Asobo’s job to develop 3rd party airplanes for the xbox. A lot of the prop planes are already very good. The fact you happen to only like airliners does not make it a useless game for people on xbox.

And please don’t pretend you’re speaking for all the xbox people.


At least he speaks for the absolute majority.

I wished there was a way to hide this Night Lighting ■■■■ in the marketplace. It Makes the Marketplace browsing so confusing not to be able to hide stuff like that.
Or all the reno planes, same story.


The KLAS (Harry Reid International Airport) that was sold did not work with the Xbox Series X.
I’m disappointed after the Las Vegas Bundle.

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I agree, I think the mods need to do something about the post flagging. This isn’t Reddit :man_shrugging:


Every flag is being reviewed manually. It’s not automatically hidden.

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No, there isn’t. There’s very little to do on there, yes I’m impatient when they promised us 12 aircraft on there and we got what, 4?


That’s not what that’s about at all. It’s the fact that they’ve said “Oh well we weren’t prepared for the influx of people.” Take one look at any social media and they could’ve seen how big it would become, but they didn’t, and now we’re sitting here with terrible addons. I also never claimed to speak for all Xbox players, but majority are incredibly angry right now because all it’s been recently is Microsoft Night Simulator. I’m just sitting here speaking the truth, we were lied to, and I don’t appreciate it.