New Release: MScenery Douglas A-4 Skyhawk

Not sure about that. Cloudsurf Asia Simulations sell their airport and landmark addons via Orbx and via MSFS 2020 Marketplace (and also direct from their own website).

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If you read my whole post, i said there are some exceptions. But many of them have exclusive contracts.

For me there was no noticable performance drop in 2.7. And I have not the latest hardware I still fly with a GTX1070. For the clouds you can choose the level of detail and on medium I only noticed performance drops during rain or snow.
But with performance drop I mean you have maybe only 40 fps, thats nothing like the performance drops in FS2020 :wink:

Thanx for the info. The latest 2.5 versions were already barely useable for me since I’m getting the same microstutters below 60fps as in MSFS. So 40, or even less, would be a no go for me.
And I don’t want to revert to Aerofly FS2, but it’s soooo smooth.

its really a funny thing about flight sims, ive seen it in msfs and dcs where the same update can have radically different effects on different peoples computers, enough so that sometimes i wonder “are we even playing the same game?”

I have had zero negative effects of going to 2.7, its been a positive experience for me. i fly in VR exclusively. I dont count frames- i never know what my FPS is, just “is this working for me or isnt it”

to caveat that tho, i built my system originally with this in mind: i have an i9-9900, 32g ram, an rtx2070fe, rog maximus XI and a reverb gen 1.2

that system manages to run il2, msfs, or dcs beautifully

you could test run 2.7 and if you dont like it, roll back to 2.5.6

Microstutters below 60 fps? Maybe this is related to VSync?
I noticed a huge improvement since a got a gsync monitor. With gsync framerates below 60 feel much smoother than before.

Locked 30 is very smooth as well…until you start a turn with at least 30° bank angle at low altiude and the trees are stuttering across the windscreen…
For IFR flying are sight seeing 30 is perfectly fine, but especially when turning final, these stutters are immersion killers.
Like the camera panning on TV. Without panning everything is smooth…

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thats why i suggested you give it a try yourself. how machines run sims and peoples expectations for performance differ from person to person. fo rme the occaisional microstutter is a micro problem, for you it may be a game ending experience. only you can decide if 2.7 works ok on your system. Im happy with it, and im happy with the free A4 skyhawk

I got sucked into this A-4 after using the Software Studios (SWS) In Prepar3D v4 which was outstanding. I was expecting something at least in parallel with the Aermacchi MB-339 that I find very nice. It only took me a twenty minute first flight to get a list of about 30 defect/deficiencies. The most glaring was primary attitude gyro and backup gyro bank in the wrong direction for the turn. Airspeed indicator and altimeter don’f work right. I don’t need to get into more specifics. The only thing I did like was the visual modeling look nice. But the systems functionality is poor.

I don’t recommend this model for the serious flight simmer. It may be suitable to the casual gamer with no flight experience or knowledge and using the exterior view only.

shouldve flown the free one in DCS (which is also free), you wouldve had a much better experience

Big turbines keep on spinning, the nickel and diming a keeps on going, take me home to my study level, I miss realism, once again this is a sin, yes.
Well I heard about a plane called the C90, still not fixed, but I don’t need it anyhow…
well I hope the new will remember… these guys are scammers a real simmer dont need them now.

Sweet home X-plane, where the skies are so dull,
Sweet home X-Plane
Where the planes are so real
P3D I am not coming home to you

In the Market Place they love BT Studio (boo-hoo-hoo)
Where they dont fix anything for you,
Now Virtucol doesn’t bother me,
does their conscience bother them?
ASOBO tell the truth

Sweet home MSFS, where the skies are so empty
Sweet home MSFS
Where the Scams are so real
triple 7 with 4 engines

Now this song is a parody, but its all so true
■■■ are we all going to do



The A-4 by RazBam for FS9 and FSX looked head and shoulders better than this.

That’s stellar. :wink: You hit them all.

Just another reminder for people thinking of purchasing this: download DCS for free and get the free A-4 mod. It is absolutely stunning and has system depth rivalling payware modules.

compare this - free- to the payware msfs one

@Winterino8838 - ive been saying this since early may. the price cant be beat, and the fidelity is better than a lot of payware mdfs aircraft we have

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You might want to look up reviews on MScenery. Microsoft is just a store, they didn’t make this garbage.

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There are no refunds.

Microsoft didn’t make this addon, nor do they pick and choose what goes on the marketplace based on quality.

You would be missing out on a lot of great stuff with your vow, but it’s recommended to do some research and find reviews before buying.

Even Viper doesn’t approve of this one…

You can’t. That’s how it is, unfortunately. You learn your lesson to do research before you buy junk. Also, you may want to not insult people who try to answer your questions.


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