White dot visible since (fixed on PC beta

Worse still is in OBS I can hide the mouse pointer when recording but not this dot! … get rid for those of us that do not want or do not need it.

One of the weirder things about the insufferable dot is that, at least on XBOX, it can still be temporarily disabled by clicking left stick and then any direction on the d-pad, but that trick only works when the autopilot is engaged. If the autopilot is not engaged, the trick works for a moment, but the dot comes back the instant you move the flight controls. Very strange. I don’t understand how the autopilot would be linked to the behavior of this dot, but it is.

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There is a new workaround for Xbox which I recently wrote about here: How to get rid of the White dot in cockpit view (Not working under SU12) (Xbox, controller only) - #105 by atticusmoh

You basically have to fly after toggling freelook mode, and remap some other controls. But it works for me and a few others on Xbox and has made the sim enjoyable again.

But I 100% agree, the issue needs a proper fix from the developers.

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Came here to post how I dislike the white dot and find it useless. Please make it optional or please delete entirely. Thank you.

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Why do so many PC testers bear the BUG of Xbox?

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Please note it’s tagged Bug-Logged


Because this has been a bug (though I’m starting to question if it’s intentional) for a long time on PC when using an Xbox controller.

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I’m on Xbox using mouse and keyboard and Hotas One X. No Xbox controller connected.

The dot has appeared in the middle of my screen but only on the 787. It just sits there. @@update it looks like this is a problem across other aircraft as well as the 787 - it happened with the CJ4 too after the beta update@@

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Just give us a toggle for the white dot already. How many threads do we need on the issue? Bug Logged meaning they are going to fix the issue with a toggle or just fix it showing up on 787 without a gamepad. If not then now you know how we all feel using a gamepad seeing white dots and boxes all over the screen. Amazing how this gets picked up and logged yet years plus of moaning about forced white dot and boxes doesn’t get logged for gamepad users and instead gets deleted.

Tell me this fixed the white dot issue once and for all please. I am going to be furious if they just fix the white dot when no gamepad is plugged in let me tell ya.


I see it in VR when moving the mouse in certain spots. It seems to go away quickly.

I really hope this gets elevated and fixed before this beta is complete vs just being thrown onto the remedial pile to be fixed in some unspecified future update

This isn’t just an issue of the dot appearing it literally breaks mouse interactions for some in lock mode.

After a lot of testing it seems to go away on its own sometimes after wiggling the controls, it seems to be related to the analog axis in some way, moving the yoke or pedals or even the throttle quadrant seems to show the dot (sometimes) and causes the mouse to loose focus. Some of my axis can be quite jittery which basically locks out the mouse because the dot keeps flickering on rapidly.

Who knows why this was changed its got absolutely nothing to do with the scope of the AAU update.

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Tbh it’s highly unlikely they will just leave it as it’s obviousy a fix that doesn’t work as intended (except maybe for a small section of VR users with home cockpits or similar). IMO it should be relatively easy for them to revert if necessary and probably well before the beta’s end … I’m considering leaving the AU anyway as there’s nothing really useful for us glider flyers included.

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Somebody must have thought it was a good idea for everybody to have the white dot. :rofl:

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yup, just ran into this on my PC for the first time. was very confused. looks like it’s a bug, however it’s odd that it just started happening on this specific flight, and none before. cool

Absolutely 100%

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Same here, but even more annoyingly in my case (PC, no Xbox controller connected atm) on top of the dot while panning, my mouse cursor is ALWAYS flashing (flickering), and it fells like it wants to reset to the center, if I’m holding RMB to pan the dot also shows


Update. I thought this was just the WT 787 and 747 but it looks like a general problem with the beta as I had the white dot appearing in the CJ4 this afternoon.

I’m on Xbox Series X but do not use a controller, just keyboard / mouse and Hotas One X. For info the dot appears when the hat switch is being used to change cockpit view.

ive never seen that white dot on pc. But seems you all have that option on that shows the tooltips and that xbox control method. Im struggling to find the right wording.
dont have that on, so i guess thats why.

The white dot is visible for me in all planes anytime I move my Hat-Switch to look around.
I’m on PC and don’t even have a controller plugged in.


Yup this is what we’ve been seeing with controllers for ever. So now even non-controller users are seeing the same thing.

Hopefully now everyone will understand why we feel so passionate about having an option to simply switch it off.

Please just add an option to switch it off.