White dot visible since (fixed on PC beta

I’ve never seen this white dot before but searching this forum would indicate that it is to do with using an xbox controller BUT I don’t have an xbox controller! It appears in cockpit mode when panning with the joystick hat. It does disappear but it’s annoying.

Any one else seeing it?

I switched back to pre- and it’s not there so thinking this is a bug in aau02?

Yes, I’m also seeing this annoying white dot in the AAU_02 beta. I’ve never seen this before in any previous release.


Also seeing this. On a PC, had an XBOX controller plugged in on installation, now get the white dot and it steals the cursor when clicking making MCDU entry near impossible. Unplugged the controller and restarted, no change.

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it comes and goes for me - its definitely new for me with this update. Happens in lock mode.

TRY - switching to legacy mode, save it and then switch back to lock and save - it appears to have resolved it for current flight…but not 100% sure

Update - as soon as i switch to outside view it comes back.
Switch to legacy, saved, switched to lock,m saved - went back into flight and it was gone again,


Got this too, on Xbox X, with stick and yoke. Disappears as soon as I move the mouse but comes back when looking around with pov on stick. Hope it gets fixed for the release.

Using the hat switch on any controller/yoke makes the white dot appear right in the middle of the screen, no matter where the mouse pointer currently is. It’s quite annoying. This needs to be fixed! Make some noise, people, or this will not be fixed for a long time.


Welcome to the hell that we XBOX users have had to deal with. I use mouse and keyboard on XBOX, so don’t need this dot cursor at all. It actually was possible for a long time to temporarily get rid of it by clicking the stick, but then it came back for no apparent reason in an unkillable form in the last sim update. It also sometimes wreaks havoc with aircraft control as moving the control stick sometimes causes it to not only reappear, but also causes the quick menu at the top of the screen to appear, which blocks control of the aircraft. It’s a real joy when it happens on final approach.

For the one millionth time, Asobo needs to implement a setting that allows us to turn this dot completely off. It’s a serious experience-killing distraction.


Please get rid of this white dot. I do not play on an Xbox, nor do I use a controller. It’s not needed.


I see Asobo’s fixation on this white dot cursor is only getting stronger and now even joystick users have to suffer this ugly thing. We have requested to remove this thing for over a year now without any success on Xbox platform (now we can’t even hide it).


Yes seeing this myself but very quickly then disappears when changing views to cockpit

I was changing the heading in 787 via a keyboard shortcut, all of a sudden I get locked out of the sim (still flying, but can’t use my mouse or keyboard) - Xbox white circle came on and I had no way of resetting it or getting control back to my keyboard.

This is def a bug.


Also seeing the white dot on Windows 11 PC (Steam version) when using the combination of a Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS One joystick/throttle, an old Logitech Wingman Cordless for view control, plus a Stream Deck and mouse/keyboard. The dot appears briefly whenever I adjust my views using the HOTAS One or Wingman Cordless, but not when adjusting them with the mouse or Stream Deck.

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I’ve had to remove the beta in order to be able to play again. The white dot removes/overrides my mouse whenever it appears, which is several times per second, so in practice I’m not able to click on any cockpit switches while it’s there.

Has anyone found a way to remove it?

Edit: for reference I’m using an X52 with mouse and keyboard, if that’s of any help, and use the mouse to look around and interact with the cockpit.


me also so annoying!


Now you can imagine how those of us that use XBox controllers (for camera moves) have felt for 2+ years. :slight_smile:


Confirm I’m getting this on PC. It appears for up to a couple seconds before vanishing when I change to outside view and back.


Never seen this before but have read about it. I’m not in the Beta, but concerned that this may be coming my way whether I want it or not.

Asobo, please ensure you either have some way to manually turn this off, or better yet check the system config if it has no business being there in the first place.

I understand it’s a fixation point for those using a controller to better aim your interactions, but I don’t have one, I use a mouse, so I don’t need it.


I share your concern that this is a deliberate change but that is purely based on the fact that I cannot believe the developers would not have noticed this before releasing this beta if it were indeed a bug. I noticed the white spot instantly so surely the dev team would have in their final pre-beta release checks?

If Asobo have decided to add this as a feature I’m wondering on what basis they did that? All I’ve read about this white spot from other users is that it is annoying and how do you remove it!

I guess we can only wait and see…


I am just hoping that it has been added deliberately because they may be working on adding a switch to turn it off completely should the user wish.

As you guys may know this has been the bane of the sim for any of us that use Xbox controllers for a long time.

btw this does not mean exclusively Xbox controllers, for example, I am on PC here and use hardware Yoke and Rudders and Throttle but also have the Xbox controller as it is great just to pick up and use for a quick flight and great for camera control and so on.

The “White Dot Of Distraction” has been ruining the sim for so many of us for so long, it is such a beautiful piece of work but the glaring white dot (especially at night) is just not necessary and ruins the hard work done to make the sim look so good.

Even for folks who think they need it, they really don’t, it is just highlighting the center of the screen, it is a great big crosshair. Other games with crosshairs allow them to be made subtle, changed or turned off.

So in a way I am slightly happy that others are seeing this now as it may bring awareness to how bad it actually is.



Ah good old schadenfreude :slight_smile:

*but understandable