EXTREMELY slow download speeds in content manager

It wouldn’t be hugely laborious, but I have been meaning to install another copy of MSFS at work.

The only reason I would do this is we have a 20Gbit JANET connection, and if you pick the right time of day you can get some insanely fast download speeds from certain sources. It’s used by several hundred people during the day, doing different things, so I would simply kick off downloads at the end of the day as everyone goes home.

I’m really curious what I’ll find, but I’m guessing that same 2MBps most of the time.

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Still nothing back from Asobo on this. Honestly, I dread seeing an update in the content manager for any addons, because I know that updating it is going to be nothing but an absolute chore. I also wanted to do a reinstall of the sim to keep things fresh. I certainly won’t be doing that anytime soon.

Also, I noticed when I started typing this reply, a message popped up saying “This topic has been solved”. What the…? Have they actually marked this issue as “solved”?


Topics marked as solved are done by the community or the OP of the topic.

When bugs are fixed, they are tagged with fixed-on-live and moved into Resolved

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Yeah, one of my posts above where I stated that I’m now waiting for a fix was marked as “solution”, because “Solved” in “Zendesk” lingo means

My take is that by marking my post as “solution” the moderator intended to hint towards the placard at the top of the OP to not discuss matters in this thread, as it is meant for reports using the reply template and there’s another thread for discussions.

Not the best course of action from my point of view, because it might prevent users who didn’t follow the thread from reporting additional information, but it fits into the overall handling of the matter.

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Ah fair enough. Although let’s be clear here. It’s most definteley not solved.


From Welcome to the Public Forums:

Please find below the list of official tags we will using from now:

image The issue reported by the community has been successfully reproduced by our test team and turned into an official bug. The bug is now being assigned, prioritized, and worked on for a future fix.


i didn’t suffer from this for years, but now i also have this issue. Nothing changed. Same provider, same network, same device, all same. The weird thing is it starts slowly creeping and eventually after 10 or 15 minutes of creeping it stops doing it and i get the rest with full speed of ~500 Mbits/s.

this is my avg speed to download as well (west europe, xbox).

Yes exactly the same. First it creeps in and then at aproximately the last quarter it runs with mostly highspeed. And the funny thing is, that it slows down again to snail speed at the next file. For me it looks like chunks that are on slow servers and some chunks on faster plus a problem with loading speed handshaking. But I don´t know the technical background how they provide the files so just guessing.

Edit: I can´t imagine that this is a bandwidth problem as they are using the Azure Ecosystem afaik… But who knows…

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So my content manager has crapped out. It freezes the sim every time I go to the content manager, with no way of recovery, so I have to go through the painful process of killing the sim and reloading. But I still can’t get into the content manager to run any updates. Off topic? No, I’m not. Because I’ve learned that the only way to fix this is to reinstall the sim. Well that’s just fantastic news, redownloading the sim (probably close to 300GB including all marketplace addons) from servers that insist on operating at crawl speed.

Core game should download with normal speed! Only content manager is affected by slow download speeds.

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What “normal” should be is a bone of contention. It’s also possible there is no difference between where the sim downloads essential files, prior to main menu, and optional files that can be downloaded by the Content Manager. Both are stored within the Azure network somewhere.

I ran some tests yesterday, on a work machine which has never had MSFS installed before.


Negative on that. I’ve seen several reports from people experiencing the same issue while downloading the core sim.


Yeh this is still happening I can confirm.

Xbox Series X, 100mbps connection, fiber optic but it downloads at around 1-2 Mbps.

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The problem can not be solved without paid subscription I believe. Too much resources are needed for updates and streaming. It can not be free

I don’t even understand what that means. I have the game. I own it.

But you don’t own the infrastructure needed to make it all work as intended. If you take away the online features you lose a lot. All of that stuff needs to be paid for, including the storage.

For the record, I wouldn’t necessarily advocate some subscription paid service. If you go down that route you introduce tiers of users, those paying, and those who aren’t. Segregation of the user base is never going to end well.

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Subscription service? Like GamePass? :smiley:


Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?

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i am so … tired of this … One day it is working. The next day it tells me to insert the Game Disc. Then it loads again. And now all Content that I have purchased will not load thorugh the Content Manager. I give up this … and go over to XPLANE12.

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Happening with the Just Flight BAe 146