Windows 11 Upgrade

Happy I’m running Intel. :slight_smile:

They’ll fix it, I’m sure.

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3800X here and yeah I mentioned it above so I should get a small boost when they update (unless exactly 8 cores isn’t included) … not that I’ve even seen any drop in performance since I switched, all I’ve actually noticed is less stress on my gpu and a smoother experience.

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I took part in the insider group and have used Win 11 allong with MSFS for awhile now with no issues at all.


Sorry for beeing so offtopic, but how do I open a new topic here in this forum? This question might be strange but not in edge ore in Firefox I find a button do do so in any of the subcategories or anyweher else. can please someone help me out. Where is the button for create a new topic?

I think you don’t have enough trust level (not enough messages on the Forum) to be able to post there.

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Start with the guidelines for the forum.

In particular…


Hello, thanks you for you explanation, I was not aware of the fact with the trust levels. But now I can do, so everythings fine. Thank you. :grinning:

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5900X here - the CPU is a beast so haven’t noticed any slowdowns (barely breaks a sweat feeding the 3080ti after the magic Asobo did on thread management). But good that MS is fixing a rather glaring bug ASAP.

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Upgrading to Windows 11 is pretty simple and imo if you can do it I see no reason not to from Windows 10. The UI looks a lot more modern though does take a little time to get used to. The only issue I have ran into so far was the latest Nvidia driver which is apparently Windows 11 ready, I had to roll back as it caused some strange graphics glitch. Performance wise I’ve not been having any issues though reading up on VBS and HVCI is a good idea.


i9-10900KF / RTX 3070 / 32 GB DDR4 RAM @ 3200 / SSD

First, I have never purchased the first year of a new vehicle model. By the second year of generation, many of the flaws have been solved. I feel the same with new software releases. Let the market innovators be the guinea pigs.

Second, that new state-of-the-art computer becomes more obsolete with every update to the operating system and program within it.

So far, I see nothing in Windows 11 that I need or want. I suspect I’ll be on 10 for a long time.

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Right. Your choice.

Some people do not want electric cars too. Or even cars when there were still horses.

I’m glad to be a guinea pig then.
I enjoy a new Windows version that is perceivably faster in many areas - on the same computer.
And MSFS is running the same (or very slightly faster according to some who did measurements).

Every Windows releases - including the regular updates - bring their lot of issues.

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It’s also very easy to roll back

Updated yesterday. Main problem so far is the WMR bug = “Windows Cannot Install This App”. So my £700 HP Reverb G2 is currently a nice looking paperweight! Debating whether to wait a while to see if it gets fixed or return to Window 10 - I cloned the C drive first!

i9 9600K @4.8 GHz, 32 GB RAM, RTX 3080Ti, Corsair RM850x Gold, couple of 1TB m.2 NVME’s

To be totally objective, I just read through various “Best Windows 11 features” articles; best 5, best 10, best 25, etc. Again, I cannot find anything I need or want. They are all a “so what?”. Although rounded corners on boxes sounds really exciting. :rofl:

Waiting for a second year soaked product in a new product or generation of product is a lot different than not accepting a new technology like electric vehicles or horseless carriages.

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I guess it all boils down to if you have NVme or not … who needs new technology Huh? :sunglasses:

I have no idea what that means.

What I did see is GlennAir1953’s post. If 11 cannot play nice with my new HP Reverb G2, that is a real reason to avoid it until it can. I wonder how many other surprises are lurking in 11’s program?

Hi all,

Any one enable Microsoft Windows 11 VBS ? Is your flight simulator FPS drop after enable?

I get it… I was just pulling your leg.
When you’re ready. But still, it’s very stable.

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Finally the voice of reason.