Windows 11 Upgrade

Hi All,

A question for Asobo; should we be upgrading to Windows 11 to run MSFS and if so will we see any performance improvements or other benefits? My PC is suggesting I should upgrade but I am loathe to if that affects running the sim.



No, do not upgrade…
Many things are laggy and it is clear that it is not ready to be published at all …


I upgraded to Windows 11 last night, and noticed only two differences:

  • It looks and sounds slightly different
  • Crashes and bugs everywhere

I haven’t even tried MSFS yet but if things like MS edge and the start menu crash like this, I don’t have high hopes for MSFS


They will experience another failure with this Windows …
I can not even believe that there was really no one in Microsoft to tell them that this Windows is not ready at all?
Really weird …


Have moved to Win11 some months ago (insider) and have no problems at all.
FS-2020 is running as smooth as on Win10.


Same, I’ve had no issues even early in the insider program. MSFS also behaved fine even in VR.


I installed win 11 today and I can’t install MSFS from that plagued xbox app, at all. Stuck with preparing at 0% for hours. Anyone have a solution please?

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Utter nonsense, game runs just fine with Windows 11, maybe not for you, but then that would appear to be your problem.


Runs fine I’ve been using Windows 11 since it became available in the dev channel absolutely no issue.

Once for a msfs update I had to logout and back in on the store and xbox app.

Took 2 mins


I would err on the side of caution, and take a full disk backup first, in case you find you want to revert. I will likely buy a new NVMe Gen 4 disk, to clone to, and upgrade the clone. But not right now, I’ll wait until a CU or two have been released for it first.

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Windows 11 is definitely slower than windows 10 at this point in time …
Many parts are still full of bugs and laggy …
Like many other things, it takes time to fix, so now is not a good time to upgrade …
Yes, many games and programs run, but that does not necessarily mean that Windows is without problems.
So your post is complete nonsense

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Windows 11 is actually more tailored for gamers and Direct X, if you have an up to date PC the sim runs very smoothly on it at similar frame rates. I’m on the more recent update beta and have encountered no problems whatsoever.


Running Windows 11 for a while now just fine. Not one single crash. MSFS runs just like it did in Windows 10 for me, no change in performance noticed.


if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. Staying with W 10.


Like the updates of the past, the more up to date your hardware is, the better your experience will be.

When I went from Windows 2000 to XP, my experience wasn’t that great. But an upgrade solved that.

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What? No… gaming is 10x better in Windows 11… Windows 10 is bad code lol

I upgraded months ago.
It runs spot on with Windows 11


Worked fine in earlier DEV builds for me. I quit testing for a while due to other non-related issues, but returned to BETA builds a month ago with no problems; in fact, it appears to run a bit faster/smoother with fewer CTDs (this with 70 folders in my Community folder for scenery, aircraft, avionics, mods, etc.). That being said, I fully understand no two people experience the same thing when it comes to the “challenges” we face.


There’s been more than one article in the headlines about win11’s VBS (new security system) severely slowing down games. I would be cautious, I used it pre-release and it was fine for MSFS, but after they turn on the VBS system who knows.


I’ve just upgraded to Windows 11 this morning and noticed no difference in Msfs2020. I’ve flown the Junkers 52 and then the Spitfire around the City of London without any problems in VR. But, I made sure that I closed everything down after the upgrade AND switched the computer off at the back! Also, I’ve got a fairly new pc that’s not cluttered up with other stuff.