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OK - As there is a Steam account I’ve purchased through this - It’s not installed yet - No rush! - Just a little forward thinking for preparation to try to know what to expect.

Whenever MSFS is updated - Is the update process automatic? - I hope not ! - Like Windows 10 just downloading an update when you don’t want it to! - Any info on this would be great - Thanks

also related to that are existing topics in the forum :wink:

But the spoiler: if there is a new update, you have to install that… it is just a MMO ( Massively Multiplayer Online Game , to answert you question from other topic ) and may be there are some dependencies. At first the update starts in Steam ( just the ‘application’ ) and then when you start MSFS it have its own updater for the content. Only World-updates etc. you can decide to install or not.

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OK - Thanks for the info. - As I’ve never played a flight sim. what to expect just isn’t known - But I’m no stranger to building a machine and configuring / downloading etc…so hassle is expected!.

So any more info is welcome as its good preparation - So, MSFS can be played offline as well as online? - Both are possible? - Or is it necessary to always be connected - online active all the time? - Thanks

If you would enjoy the scenery, you are “online” only. Offline is more the emergancy case :slight_smile:
( you can disable multiplayer and other online-features, but the scenery comes just from online , no home-pc can store that terra-bytes of data ).

Also because of the updates: there are world- and service updates and its not like that, that you have each week an update, more after some months… so not worry much about.

Good preperation is to check that you system (drivers) is up2date and you have enough free disc space ( but moving the content to another driver is in special with steam easy ). If you run into trouble while install, we are here :slight_smile:

And lots of steam users are confused about the folders:
you install the application itself in your steam-library ( needs about 1.x GB ). When MSFS started it installes the main content and ask you about the target folder (packages). Default is often the same steam-lib folder, but here you can also directly configure e.g. a different drive for the content. Be aware, depend on whether you buy later on some mods or use free mods, MSFS can easy eat more than 200gig.

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Hi and thanks again!

OK online only then - It seems this is dependent on the internet speed - Which can be a problem - I know this from downloading musical sample libraries - But MSFS needs 5 mega-bits-per-second ? - This is important - If the ISP is throttling the speed can be slow - How much mbps is needed? - Thanks

EDIT - Right now the internet speed is 12-13 mega-bits-per-second (non fibre) - Which should be OK - But on some big downloads I’ve experienced slow speeds - We’ll see how this goes

Also how much data is used up from online use? - How is this measured? Giga-Bytes-Per-Hour?

I would say “as minimum” ( also see: https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360013463459-Minimum-Recommended-and-Ideal-PC-Specifications-for-Microsoft-Flight-Simulator ) . If you have only 5mbit, just the download of msfs makes no fun :wink:

The overall usage depends on your flight hours and also the regions… there is more or less no limit and some hundred gigabytes/months can be reached ( one example : Data Consumption - is this correct? - #2 by BubbaBlitz7348 ). But it is not allway such high…

Some users report issues with the connection, others (like me) never had an issue.

MSFS also has a selectable rolling cache feature which stores on your PC, scenery files that you fly over.
If you fly the same area a lot, this feature will prevent a lot of internet usage.

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You must first earn Trust Level 1 (Trust Levels and How To Advance)

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THX! So i have to do something to get the right to post. Sad that they dont tell me directly since its not so common for a forum.

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@EuleIowa89 its not mentioned after account creation ?

A good start might be:

I believe this is sent on new signups:

Which does have a link to the “Forum Guide” subcategory. But there are a lot of topics in that, and I would think most users wouldn’t know what “Trust Levels” are. I don’t remember if “discobot” covers that with its tutorials.

@EuleIowa89, you should be able to post now as you have reached Trust Level 1 (TL1). :+1:
When posting, assure you are in the one of the subcategories off of the main root category. I do agree that this should be mentioned when first joining the forum as we get a lot of questions about it.

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