Queenstown airport instrument approaches are not available on Garmin NXI, what's wrong?

I am not sure where to put this question because i don’t know if it is a bug or not. I know the game uses AIRAC data and whatnot, so there is a possibility that some procedures are indeed not available at some point, but all of them?

What I find is that only visual approaches can be loaded on the Nxi (was flying the grand caravan) for queenstown airport in new zealand. I’m pretty sure there are bunch of RNAV approaches. I found the charts on the NZ AIP website. Is this an addon issue of the garmin nxi (from working title), or something else?

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Admittedly I have navigraph but have flown rnav approaches using the kodiak - some of the best anywhere.
They also appear in the G3000 and fbw a320


and Navigraph addon would drive all the navigation databases of in-sim airplanes, from GA to A320?

It would be a shame if iconic airports such as NZQN aren’t covered well by default databases.

[edit] just checked again, using A320. same thing. nothing is available on these two airports. i think this navblue thing is just not that good in coverage.

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Same here, I’ve been trying to fly the ELRUV2A star followed by the RNAV Y approach into rwy 05 and it seems like the A32NX doesn’t want to make it work. The star shows up when I select it first, and then it disappears when I choose the runway. Also, if I choose the runway first it says there are no approaches or stars available. However, I can set up the individual waypoints of both the star and the approach, with their corresponding altitude restrictions (all of this manually on the MCDU) and they exist, it’s just that the procedures are not registered (at least not the approaches).
Then I tried it with the baron and the NXi, and I could set up the star but not the approach, it only allowed me to select a visual approach into any runway.
It’s a bummer, I wish they fixed this. Queenstown is kinda iconic for its approaches.

It seems the NXi reads the in game AIRAC for its data…approaches etc. I use Navigraph and all the approaches at Queenstown are available on my installation. Its not a bug. Queries about the Working Title stuff are best dealt with by the experts on the Discord.

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I also use this route and what I find is the waypoints work well with the use of VNAV all the way to the FaF, pressing the approach button doesn’t get any glide path . Flying Diamond DA62 with G1000NXi but no luck with catching any glide path guidance after the FaF.