People are starting to get a little to full of themselves around here

No worries, Bud.

I’m an Old Timer Gamer myself lol. And have Alpha/Beta tested for many many years. My first PC being a self bought Trash-80 haha

I just see things getting bad, and hope the actual Mods get a hold of it soon or this place will go the way of the SWG forums back during the NGE rofl…

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Agreed. Thanks for the post!

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The problem is not the complain itself but to be rude while complaining. There are many exaggerations in the posts I’ve been seeing here on the forum. Let’s be more polite and respectful people, no one here is a robot including the developers.


If one feels that there is an issue in the game the first thing to do is submit a ticket to report to the developers. This is the route to improving the product.
That being said most of what is on the forum is just the many voices of many different insights as to what was expected. This is okay and to me appreciated. But let’s all remember to be civil and understand that many issues being raised are real to the person creating the post. I’m okay with different opinions and welcome it especially if there is constructive advice. But being argumentative and belittling is certainly not constructive.
I do not feel this forum should be a debate platform.


Agree 100%

Its nuts!


Look, there is a world of difference between just being critical and being constructively critical.
If you don’t know the difference, just don’t post! It’s counter productive.

I, for one, have identified and prioritised my initial issues and have notified Asobo / Microsoft accordingly.

That done, my biggest issue now is having to troll through all the whinging and whining to get at the information I need.

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That’s a good way to put it.

There is LOTS of good information on here, IF you can get through all the nonsense.

No need to be rude or critical of the individual. A-okay to give constructive criticism about the situation even if the situation is “pilot error.” :slight_smile:

You don’t need to show disrespect to the “pilot.” :smiley:

Exactly the point.

I agree that we should try to be civil and have respect for eachother and the developers. But very often people (myself included) are starting a topic because they were flying and something happend. So often the topic or comment is written while the writer is frustrated in some way. There i can understand that sometimes things are said in a not so civilized way. The problem often gets worse when people are reacting back and saying they don’t have any problems or are arguing about how the topic writer is wrong or he/she doesnt need to complain. So also think about the problems people have may very well frustrate them. Especially now when there’s still a lot of people just paid for the sim and being dissappointed at first.

Mind eraser! Exactly what I need.

This is what I posted on another forum on September 26, 2019

A couple months later I was accepted to the Alpha, I couldn’t be more exited, flew all day long and reported findings.
But… as the alpha/beta progressed and in my personal opinion the sim part didn’t, all that excitement was lost. Sadly, I won’t be using MSFS any time soon.

To the OP: Just ignore or report the rude users. (Both “insiders” and new ones). Part of the problem is the forum structure.

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You can go into Preferences and Mute the really offensive ones. To get there is a bit non-intuitive.

  1. Click on your user icon
  2. Click on your “GamerTag” in the window that opens
  3. Click on Preferences in the drop down menu
  4. Click on the Users sub-heading under Notifications
  5. Add the user you wish to Mute and Save Changes


I love Flight Sims just as much as anyone else. I submitted lots of bug reports and lots of issues and nothing was resolved so I submitted for a refund. Well, guess what? Microsoft will not refund you if you pre-ordered the game and did the digital download. So now I am stuck… I want the game to be better so I keep pointing out issues as I find them. If they would give us the money back, we would have already signed off and you would not see these posts. Since now we cannot get the money back we should get our moneys worth and pointing out things that should have been fixed before release is frustrating. I appreciate how hard you all have worked and now Microsoft should respect you and all of its loyal customers by listening to the hard-core simmers (many like me who happen to be pilots) and get some fixes done.


You just validated the OP with this post.


Kewwwwl. :slight_smile:

I honestly believe it will get better once more 3rd party devs enter the sim and begin to implement addons for the game. That’s just my two cents though.

Also side note, the Facebook community was so harsh on this game as well… Kind of tired of seeing post after post bashing the game.

Sad. But even us mortals knew this was coming.
I would like to believe MS weighted this possibility as an outcome before release.

I’m sure they did. Most of the concerns are minor too… So I’m glad they are ignoring that side of the internet as a whole…

Crashing to the desktop multiple times a day is not a minor issue. A button being in the wrong place is minor and that is not what many people are upset about. How many people will buy the DLCs if the core game crashes and the systems in the premium planes do not function properly? No DLCs and this becomes the next shelved product for 3rd party developers to hopefully resurrect. I really hope we do not go down that road.

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