People are starting to get a little to full of themselves around here

So many people in this forum acting like they are Moderators. Going around Warning, Berating, and Degrading people when they have no official capacity whatsoever. And many of them are “Tech Alpha Insider’s.”

It’s really starting to give this forum a bad image.


Seems to be S.O.P. for every forum like this, sadly.


Agree 100%

Do we have the “Ignore” option on this platform? Can’t seem to find one, but have not looked in every nook and cranny.

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Sim forums or forums in general? I’m on a railway forum where none of this occurs.

TSW forum?

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In your preferences, go to users and add the name to muted.

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@Seven7Tango Not related to games but railways in general.

Thank you kindly! :smiley:


That only stops notifications of a user’s posts and PMs from that user but doesn’t hide their posts.
There has been a lot of discussion over the years on Discourse having an ignore function but as far as I’m aware, nothing has come of it or, if it has been developed, it isn’t enabled on the forums running on Discourse that I use.

I can say, as a “Tech Alpha Insider”, that I’m tired of all the negative, constant, repetitive posts. If people aren’t happy with the product, it’s understandable and felt by almost everyone, but what good does it do to post, in caps, about going to xplane 11. Great, go for it.

The forum should be about MSFS and helping each other as I’ve been helped time and time again with aviation questions, how to do this or that.

Just frustrating for the thousands of us who love the game when time and time again we see posts about update isn’t posted yet, Microsoft abandoned us, the planes aren’t good, this sucks, that sucks, etc.

Just my 2 cents.


Oh… yeah. I’m on non-gaming forums that are absolutely pleasant. For some reason gaming forums have an edge to them, not sure why. The TSW forum (now TSW2) should be a pleasant experience - it’s railfans, right? - but I’m amazed at how vile some of the posts are. It’s astounding to me.

My thought is simple: this software is for relaxation and entertainment. If I get uptight about it, then I walk away. If I get upset at every session then something is wrong…either with me, or my environment. The computer and the software that runs on it are inanimate objects. Frustration with inanimate objects is 100% on me.


Sadly typical of many forums & this one no different… @$$&%^!s are everywhere

You know it could be argued that its precisely because of your “love of the game” and your involvement with alpha testing that you have become a bit biased the other way and cannot see the wood for the trees so to speak.

Those of us who are new to FS are just seeing it warts and all and commenting accordingly. Criticism is good as long as its intention is to shake things up and persuade the developers to improve the product, I would hope that is what the vast majority of us are doing.


Most forums are like this. Add in there is no steam forums and that just adds to it.

If people are unhappy with the product then we should let them express themselves however if they are unhappy with a particular user then the moderators should get involved before it escalates into a full-on flame war.


There might be a good reason that many “Tech Alpha Insiders” aren’t so happy right now. Some of us have had the sim for 9 months. The “shine” of it has long since worn off. We know what problems there were, what got fixed, and what didn’t. Perhaps one of those Men in Black mind eraser things would have come in handy… :sunglasses:


I fully agree. I’m glad we’re seeing new people’s thoughts and critiques. I know exactly what the issues are!

I’m just tired of the “I need instant gratification so going to post the exact same question 45,000 others have posted because I refuse to do a single piece of research myself” questions. Also the every now and then “XP11 is so much better” nonsense.

Everything else I’ve liked or even commented to provide advice or agreement.


That’s what i have been seeing increase.

Regular members of the forum Acting as if they are Moderators. Some have outright stated that since they are a TAI they can act like that…

I haven’t seen that at all, except with maybe 1 person. Sorry that’s your experience.

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It’s pretty silly.

I mean, if you really really must be upset I think there are much larger issues to be upset about.

After all, this is simply a whole lot of zeros and ones…

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