Official Discussion: January 13th, 2022 Development Update

To date, the marketplace has been almost always updated as soon as they post the update. THIS IS SUPER DISSAPOINTING. We are a year in and for some reason this is an issue. You would think there would be no last minute anything when they update the shop. Just pick a consistant time to do these releases and if something makes it, include it. If something doesn’t, leave it out. I just don’t see how you can have part of your team release one of these updates, and then seemingly forget to turn the switch on. They HAVE to know how incompetent it makes their whole team look.

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Also it’s not just thrust master on xbox sensitivity and controls.not saving. It’s every controller. The velocity one as well. Where have yall been?? Do you read your actual users complaints???


Hey, the update says the Skymaster is available from Carenado! Yes! Redeem my Microsoft Rewards points and head to the Marketplace to buy it (fully aware that I’m likely get 3+ days of “purchase failed” errors before I actually get it but still excited).

Nope. Not actually there.

Sheesh. Please get someone awesome in to fix the Marketplace. It really is the most frustrating part of the MSFS experience, and it’s so critical to the long-term viabiltiy of the product.


Genuine question to the mods…

Why can’t you just simply state that the developers are aware of the NEWLY INTRODUCED problems with live weather and are actively working to fix them? If a fix is not possible in double quick time then the feature must be disabled until it is ready.

This is NOT about the ‘improvements’ to live weather that have been in the pipeline for a long time. It IS about the fact that the first of those improvements has wrecked the live weather system making it completely unusable.

It is commendable that longer term improvements have been targeted but they should only be released when they actually work. As soon as the update was applied it was immediately apparent that something was very wrong indeed with the weather. It is a bizarre methodology to say you’re going to improve live weather over a number of releases but ‘bear with us’ because the first of those ‘improvements’ actually completely destroys the user experience.

I think the sim is making good steps forward but this weather problem pushes everything else to irrelevance. So, and apologies for being so blunt, why do you keep side-stepping the weather question?


Loving the hyperbole. I seem to be using th elive weather just fine, not seeing it “completely unusable” at all. It doesn’t help your cause.


@JetWash1023 I understand the question that you are asking. However, for clarity, the mods on the forums are regular forum users who have volunteered for the moderator role. They are not employees of MS or Asobo and as a consequence it would be inappropriate for them to speak on behalf of MS or Asobo. See Welcome to the Public Forums!

Looking at the posts on the forums, to me it is self evident that there are issues MSFS users are having with live weather. I would be massively surprised if this feedback on the issue has escaped MS or Asobo’s attention.

I don’t know if this goes some way to answering at least part of your question.


Give us the “old” FSX view system back…

thats typical carenado…they wanna sell sell sell, but updates are rare.
they are on my list of not to buy from.

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@tamalien It does indeed, thankyou very much.

You’d think all they would need to do would be play the game for 5 seconds and it should be abundantly apparent something wasn’t right! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It’s obviously outside your gift to do anything about, but hopefully the more posts there are on the subject the sooner it will get addressed. It just felt to me like previous responses were side-stepping the elephant in the room a bit.

Any chance of an update from the Mods on what’s broken with the Marketplace today that means the new content isn’t actually available ?

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So the marketplace hasn’t updated yet is that correct? Still hoping for some European liverys

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Agree, That thread had one specific issue and that was the 225@3kts bug from release and that has been fixed since long ago. That thread should also have been closed long ago. That thread will never be closed if they use the title as an issue. It will never match 100% even if they use METAR. Metar doesn’t say how the weather looks like anyway. And the weather changes all the time like meteoblue, is not static like METAR reports.

Even if i could downvote METAR i wouldn’t do that because some like that thing. But i would downvote if they had a voting that says the only option from now on will be METAR & meteoblue together. No option to go back.

I didn’t want METAR weather. I tried it with 3rd party addons and switched back to live-weather instantly. Now we have no options than to use that.

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It seems nothing has updated. According to the blog several airports (e.g. orbx Innsbruck, orbx ENAL) should have updates for PC. But in my content manager, nothing is there on ‘updates’.

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Hi why isnt any 3rd part softwares became a part of MSFS 2020 on xbox to enhance commercial airline experience like PACX OR FS CREW its getting pretty boring flying alone is it possible you guys can start working on that ?..…


Same. Was astonished the new/updated content is not yet available. Used to be together with the development update in the past. Thought already it is an issue on my end

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There must be an issue under the ‘paid’ section I have a couple of greyed out tiles. I’m sure it’ll be fixed soon enough. Patience.

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So are we saying any possible new marketplace stuff hasn’t been updated yet?

Well judging by what I’m looking at no it hasn’t yet. All we know is what should be there as listed in this dev update. I’m sure marketplace will be fixed by later today.

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OK thanks still hope yet then (for new liveries)

This is how this morning looks for me on marketplace. I’m sure you are all seeing the same thing. Nothing new listed and greyed out tiles.