Official Discussion: January 13th, 2022 Development Update

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Please use this thread for feedback and discussion. Thank you!


I’m finding the development updates an absolute waste. Week after week it’s the same. Some new screenshots, the same link to a known issue list that doesn’t include many major bugs we have and doesn’t get updated often - why are the issues we face with live weather not included in the ‘known issues’ section? There is nothing listed here in the known issue list. The same screenshot of the road map and same screenshots of the known issues which are not updated in any meaningful way.

The forums are alive with really pressing issues such as the big issues we face with live weather to name one of them. We’ve got people asking and asking for some acknowledgement and some feedback and the one time you have to do this in a development update it’s completely ignored.

Stop ignoring the real issues and big problems we face and actually communicate transparently and legitimately with your users.

Until you start doing that in my opinion these dev updates are totally cosmetic and offer no real or useful information to your user base. These updates should be a great weekly opportunity to showcase progress, tease new features to be excited about and keep everyone engaged and overall show us you’re listening and taking action.

Going forward It would be great to start seeing progress showcased in the dev updates. Show us what’s going on behind the scenes so we can have confidence issues are being worked on.


Thanks for the Feedback Snapshot refresh! A couple of things I’d like to point out:

  1. In the Bugs snapshot, #21. Wrong Temperatures appears to have been fixed last year. The moderators have locked it and directed discussions to this one instead, so it may make sense to clear the original issue from the list.

  2. In the VR Wishlist, #21. Let Users Adjust The Render Scale by Increments of 5 was actually fulfilled with Sim Update 5, both for 2D and VR users.

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If this is the bug I’m thinking of, the dev team created a temporary solution by making a server-side change a few weeks ago. The temperature bug still exists, but it now occurs at a much higher altitude where most (but not all!) pilots will not be flying. The bug will remain on the Feedback Snapshot until a permanent fix is in place.


Anyone seeing the new aircraft? No sign of them for me. I’m not sure when Marketplace updates usually land. I want that Skymaster… will pass on Deimos most likely.


@Jummivana why are none of the current bugs we face with live weather introduced by SU7 mentioned or acknowledged?

The live weather does not work correctly and we’ve had no acknowledgement at all.

Would appreciate some information about that.


Reading between the line we should get SU 8 (VIII) and SU 9 (IX) in quick succession.

The roadmap shows SU 8 on 02/22 and the wish list shows Chinese Localization on SU IX. But the “Web Friendly” version of the wish list shows Chinese Localization as Q1 2022

I’m not @Jummivana, but I can answer this on her behalf. The forum Code of Conduct states the following:

If you don’t see us responding, it isn’t because we are ignoring you. Sometimes we don’t have a good answer, or we are looking for an answer or we cannot comment on the issue at the time.


I’ll have to check in a couple of hours but the Skymaster is most likely a buy for me as well…

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Not having an answer is one thing. Not even acknowledging something is another.

All people are asking for us some acknowledgement

The bug forums are full of posts and threads of people suffering from these issues since SU7, providing examples, providing information, trying to understand what’s going on with absolutely no reply, no acknowledgment, no reassurance from any of the team.

If you guys don’t have new information that is fair enough, you can’t give us what you don’t have. But PLEASE listen to us and at least acknowledge what we are saying.

You have a known issues list that doesn’t even have a live weather category on it. The live weather is full of issues so why is it not listed here?


worthless update - we dont care about the marketplace when this game is bugged. step up, be transparent, and tell us the roadmap when the game will simply work (i.e. PG is worse than ever, FPS drop on long hauls, etc.)


The issue with Live Weather was acknowledged. It’s item #3 on the Bug Feedback Snapshot: “Live Weather and Wind Readings Are Not Accurate”. It says that the first change to the Live Weather system (based on player feedback) was launched with SU7 and that future fixes will take place over “Several Releases”.


That is in relation to the general inaccuracies we have seen since the games inception with regards to live weather. It references SU7 because this was the first major update that was meant to bring the first set of improvements. The fact is it hasn’t. What we’ve seen is a regression. A brand new set of bugs that are totally different to the lack of accuracy that bug feedback Snapshot refers to.

A brand new set of bugs which actually in the case of SU7 have really broken the live weather system deserve a proper acknowledgment. So far they have had none.

If I refer to that snapshot all it tells me is there are multiple releases to improve live weather and that SU7 was one of them. It doesn’t acknowledge the new big bugs that came with it. It doesn’t tell me if they are aware or working to fix them. It doesn’t tell me how long I can expect until I can use live weather correctly again. It doesn’t tell me when the next release is to be expected (SU8 or later?). We have no acknowledgment and no time frame of when to expect fixes.

It simply just isn’t transparent or open enough.

Why does your known issue list not have a weather category?


What about the Xbox cockpit screen going black and then CTD


Some products are marked as “Owned” instead of their price. Vnukovo airport, for example.

I really would like that Skymaster, but seeing that Carenado again didn’t put out an SU7 fix update for the C170, Mooney, Seminole, Arrow and Seneca makes me hold off.


I would like to fly New York to London whenever Xbox bug get fixed l


The new update is just rubbish again. We don’t need airports, we need finite new planes on Xbox. A new disappointment every week. Thanks for nothing Microsoft!:rage:


@SeedyL3205 - I tried adding a question for the Q&A using the link provided in todays update but after I hit submit, I don’t see it anywhere.