OAT of 248 C ?! (Impacts negatively on aircraft performance and autopilot function)

Doing a longer flight in the TBM 930 and went away from my PC for a bit during cruise and when I got back, I had bells ringing and watching the OAT, I understood why…have a look below

Didn’t see this bug before and now I guess I’ll have to descend to see if that will change the OAT to be a bit more realistic and allow the aircraft to perform a bit better than it does at this temp…


Yes same here. About 2hrs in, throttles cut - dropped altitude.

Apparenty there’s a live weather bug. Prolong flying causes it apparenty.

Ive just had this after todays update.




I concur same in my CRJ flying now.

Could not work out why my CRJ became uncontrollable, could not reach FL380. Then I noticed my temp. That pic was at FL300


OK, let’s hope they get it sorted sooner rather than later.


Yep. Fix is to turn off live weather.

Could be some information on live in for rather than the engine… It flickered for me a few times. Then went haywire. Declared a mayday and I wasnt even over the triangle lol. Midway over the adlantic and still worried haha

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Temperature went back to normal at FL 230. Then after FL 240 it appears again.

I could not work why I could not get my speed up and kept stalling. Only noticed today was flying ok yesterday

I have reported the bug to Zendesk

Now I was overspeeding while typing this :rofl::sweat_smile:

Passengers very unsatisfied


Now you know how Icarus felt. :slightly_smiling_face:


funny is known bug is temp peaks above 44 but you got it at 28 lol

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It was only today was flying ok yesterday at FL380

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OAT of +250 degrees in FL285 sound reasonable - if you are flying on Venus. :rofl:


But ISA -38C?


Live weather bug yea

It’s a little toasty at 28k

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oh no… not again these live weather bugs


Oh yes!!!

I have a feeling they’re working on something and broke the weather again. I’m flying now, albeit below 26K, and my FPS is much higher than what it has been. The CPU/GPU utilization percentages are different as well. The sim looks better today; I just can’t get up as high as desired.

Had the +200°C bug just a few minutes ago and came here to check. FL240 and above results in high temps probably all over the world (tested in Germany, Austria, Japan and USA).

I tested the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, the Caribbean, and am now in the US. The bug has shown up in all of those places on the F-15, 78X, and 748 for me.

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Same problem for me. Glad my TBM isn’t made of tin or it would have melted. :hot_face: Luckily I crashed to desktop a few minutes after the heatwave began.

Guess I’ll have to use the “other” simulator. You know, the one that’s works as advertised. :thinking: