wrong building height bug is hilarious and dangerous! (Skyscraper blocking runway pic)

You can visit this awesome building located at MHTG, Honduras

Please post it here so we can get much votes and make a zendesk Bug report

That must have been put in as a landing challenge it seems like :joy:

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Fix an old bug, create a new one. The new update clearly shows what happens if you suddenly do without the help of a large number of “beta testers” and make the consumer an involuntary beta tester. This is not okay, because – as far as I know – you cannot switch back to an older version that did not have such a serious bug. Really annoying…

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That was correct . I saw it,too. In smal village, there are a lot of to much hight buildings. Absolutly incorect…

Hello, there is now a solution to the problem, which specifically affects this airport MHTG. My Passengers want to go home, but the building is still in the way :smiley: