10FPS with RTX 3080 in VR with Reverb G2. Solutions?

Have you checked this page below out for optimisation? I guess start low and work up!

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Thanks, I will try it now. The settings as I have them are very low. Not much lower that I can go, not something that can really fix 10FPS. Something must be fundamentally wrong…

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Maybe I’m wrong, but shouldn’t it be a case of either OpenXR OR SteamVR?

Also… have you seen this page as well? Highly rate this guy for my DCS Reverb setup!

Thanks, I went through all of the and set the optimal settings. Testing now. So far - not much difference. That’s really weird. 35FPS in 4K vs 10FPS in VR is wrong. I tried in both WMR OpenXR and SteamVR OpenXR. I’m continuing testing…


You might want to read this, it might help you (or not):
My 2070 SUPER VR settings and suggestions (Valve Index)

Thanks, will do. I’m so disappointed now, but I hope that something can be done. Older drivers maybe? People seem to enjoy MSFS in VR with 1080Ti etc. - but with my 3080 it’s plain unusable at the moment. SteamVR just crashes all the time, OpenXR is just 10FPS. I can drastically lower OpenXR rendering to 50% and still I get unstable 20+ FPS with a lot of jerking and ASW artifacts. Rendering scale in the sim doesn’t seem to have much effect, tried 50% to 100%. While without VR it’s 35 FPS in 4K and 55-60 FPS in 1080p. It must work better, something isn’t right, but I can’t figure out what.

There are many very interesting and promising items there that I can try with my G2. I will definitely try all of them and will report. Not today though.Out of time.


This is almost exactly what I am going through. I am running a decently high end rig and am getting around 10fps with everything on LOW, sometimes even less than low. I have an Asus TUF 3060Ti with i9 10850K/64gb Ram and quest 2. The game should flat out not be running like this. It’s as if I am playing VR with textures from Sega Saturn era. It’s as if the game is rendering on the XR2 chip in the quest headset instead of my PC and just using the HMD to output it as a screen.

Does anyone have any ideas by chance? Changing the settings does virtually nothing, something is majorly wrong and I just know there is a setting that is mis-checked somewhere that is causing this.

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Also, I get 30-37FPS on Ultra at 4k resolution when playing on desktop. There is no way this quest 2 performance can be correct.

Yes, that sounds very similar to what I’m seeing…

Not sure what’s going…one thing thought is you don’t need steamvr with the G2. Just run WMR.

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I tried both ways, several times. With SteamVR I get flicker and blue screens. Seems like 10 FPS too, in the glimpses of the sim. With WMR I just get 10fps… Trying older drivers now…

I have a 3080 and last 2 days have been a nightmare… But I finally have found solutions for me… Thanks to tons of threads from other people, and my work arounds tyring to figure this out.

I’m now running at about 56 FPS average (using FPSVR).
Make sure that your SS (super sampling in SteamBetaVR settings is set lower than your In game Scaler Setting in VR settings… In my case I have SS for both Default AND Custom Resolution Slider For MSFS set to 88% (YES!!) and in Game I have the VR settings for Render Scaling to 120…

You have to mess around with these to get it right… But you want your SS lower than the Render Scaling in game…

Also make sure your running at 120 Refresh rate for the Index!! Because if you run at 90 or lower… there is no way in hell your going to get 90FPS out of this game… In that case your Refresh rate is getting cut in Half by VR (its how it works) so now your limited to max of 40 FPS… Which is terrible. If your running at 120… You can’t even possibly run at that level in a billion years… but 120/2 is 60… So thats 60 FPS MAX… which is a lot better than 40!! And the 3080 can do it!!

My last tip… Is that most of the In Game Settings for VR can be changed on the spot while playing!! So you can dial in the rest of those settings while flying… You can even just start on Low for everything and work your way up!! You can even change your refresh rate if you can manage to alt tab to your SteamVr settings window… (I can’t).

Also a program like FPSVR is like essential!! Because it not only tells you your Actual FPS and the average… But it breaks down you GPU % and info and your CPU % And info. And reading off that can help you see when you make a change the effect it has on your CPU and GPU… I am now maxing out about 80% CPU usage and 80% GPU usage… (GPU is bottlenecked because of CPU)


I got the SteamVR working, and I went in the same direction. Not entirely successful but half-way there maybe. Master slider on 100%, game-specific at 50% (!) and in-game render scaling at 100 got me somewat playable ~20-25 FPS in a Cessna around KJFK/Manhattan. However if I force reprojection I have terrible jumps in my picture, plus artifacts, and if I force it off, it’s not smooth. Even when FPS feels smooth thera are frequent stutters that kill all joy and make me carsick. I’m very tolerant for VR sickness and can play for hours standing (Skyrim VR or Alyx), but when it stutters - it’s a vomit comet.

Reverb G2 has a higher resolution than Index, and max 90Hz refresh, so 120 is not an option. There must be a better way, otherwise pwople wouldn’t be enjoying VR…

Also tried older drivers, and all optimization from recommended posts. It got me from 10 FPS to maybe 20-25 but jumpy and stuttery. SteamVR has many stutters but higher FPS (20+), while WMR is still unplayable.

Also note… That I can only get the 172, 152, and smaller aircraft (basically the ones without massive glass cockpits) to run at anything acceptable… Which is devestating… Because I love the Cj4… And I tried and tried to get that running as good as the 172… But the dam thing just wants to run in Sub 30s to mid 20s most the time…

Running the 172 is fun though… But I need my Cj4.

What is the SteamBetaVR you are reffering to ?
I have a vive pro and I use steamVR to play. Is there Something to see with openXR ?

I also have a RTX 3080 and this is what worked for me. The resolution slider in the VR options in MSFS has the largest impact on FPS. I would start there. First Try setting the VR options to Default and then sliding the resolution down to 70%.
Also if you are using SteamVR then the Open XR developer tool settings will not do anything since that is for WMR only. You will need to use the StreamVR settings to set your supersampling rate. Set it to 80% global and game specific at first to see if that has an effect. I would also turn oFf SteamVR version of motion reprojection so you can see what your actual FPS is in game before playing with motion repro. You will need to adjust the steam SS slider before launching the game. don’t open steam VR or WMR portal before launching the Sim. Flight simulator will launch what it needs automatically when you enter VR mode (ctrl-tab).
I also purchased the excellent FPSVR app from the steam store. This is a must have IMO for benchmarking in VR. Good luck!

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Thanks. I adjusted SteamVR SS with MSFS open. Will try prior the game.