10FPS with RTX 3080 in VR with Reverb G2. Solutions?

do you try to set 60 HZ on the G2 ?
because with 90HZ the reprojection try to catch 45 FPS, and in fact it’s not possible with a 2080 SUPER and 10600K overclock to 4.8 and 32GB RAM 3600 Mhz.
That why i set my G2 to 60 HZ. I notice that nobody find this on the internet. And this is the solution, if you want reprojection working fine.

The strobing at 60hz is pretty bad though.

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Have you read “My VR Settings - G2” ? (link above)

in fact, if you set to 50, you will have distortion, after set 60, same distortion. Reboot , no distortion.
This need to be confirmed.

First time I ever flew looking out of the sides without stuttering!!! There is other issues with 60HZ as when I move the head there can be some “fuzzyness” but to actually look out and down and have a non stuttering view that was great!
I wish I could have both on this relative High-end computer I7-10700KF - OC to 5,2Mhs, Ausu TUF 3080 running boost speed and 32Gb ram, but maybe Ican’t have it all yet…

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Or maybe you can:
My 2070 SUPER VR settings and suggestion (Reverb G2 - WMR)

I have been reading that from start to finish and adjusting along the way…
I just can’t seem to get the crisp’nes that people are talking about.
When in the 172 I can read the analog gauges really well but at the same time the buttons for controlling the AP to the right EFIS is not crisp at all.
When I look at the yoke and out to the wings and tire these are perfect crisp in picture but if I look forward down the runway lights and the PAPI lights, taxi signs etc. it’s a blur and it just don’t look good.
What I have noticed is that no matter(almost) what I enable in the VR setup I get an overall great framerate, but changing settings and sliders in FS and OpenXR never get the overall crisp’nes that I can hear others experience…
but I will keep trying and hoping for a setup miracle :slight_smile: and thanks @CptLucky8 for your big research - that is really admirable that works you do for helping us all in our sim community.


Hi, I also have a ryzen 7 3700X (and currently a 2060 GPU) so I was thinking about upgrading to a 3080 GPU and getting a reverb G2. Based on RomanDesign’s feedback, it looks like this will not work because the ryzen 7 3700X is not up to the task (CPU bottleneck). Are there any other users out there with a ryzen 7 3700X and a reverb G2? Have you all come to the same conclusion i.e. it’s not playable?

No, that’s not what I’m saying. In all my testing whenever I enabled the devmode FPS counter - it’s always “limited by GPU” with my 3080. Even though I tried fairly low settings, nothing on ultra and only some items on high, still I wasn’t “limited my main thread”. That means that I’m not CPU limited with my OCd 3700X running at 4.3Ghz. I looked up at the latest AMD CPUs that are 2x the price of mine, and the userbenchmark gain is only around 10%. So not worth upgradig for me…

One bad thing is that disabling SMT in BIOS, which should be beneficial for MSFS disables sleep on my PC, which is inconvenient.

As for the moment it seems that only the Quest 2 can work good with the sim on high end systems. For Reverb owners (i have the G1) we will have to wait until new drivers will fix the problem or DX12.

For me (Reverb G1, RTX3080, i9 9900k) i can get solid 45fps with simple planes, but when a plane has the G1000 or G3000 suite is drops to 30FPS, over New York for example it’s unplayable and drops to 15fps. I do a lot of bush trips (with skypark) and its great, for more complex aircraft we will have to wait.

Thanks for your answers. With my 3700X and 2060, I am currently using my PSVR and can get stable 30 fps (with reprojection) in rural areas when flying with simple planes (without glass cockpit).
I use a SteamVR setting at 150% and a FS2020 render scaling at 100%, which translates into 1176x1320=1.55 Milion pixel /eye. Most other graphic setting are set to medium. It looks like it is the “sweet spot” for my system. With this setup I am always CPU limited (“limited by the main thread”).

The question is therefore: if I get a reverb g2 and a 3080 GPU and also aim for a smooth 30 fps with reprojection, what resolution should I expect?
If I have to scale down the resolution to a level close to 1.55 Million pixel/eye, there is in my opinion no point in upgrading.
@RomanDesign: in order to get a playable experience (30 fps), what resolution/eye can your hardware manage?

If you follow my topics, you’ll find a lot of information which might help you.

In general my test system, 9700K+2070S can push 2K x 2K pixles without reproj. and 1.5K x 1.5K with reproj. in most areas and with most aircraft, with a certain number of balanced settings which are first and foremost putting the priority on the pilot’s perspective visuals (enough LOD, enough piloting cues, less or no visual FX).

Over rural/island areas (Hawaii) I can push up to 2.5K x 2.5K without reproj. and near 2.0K x 2.0K with reproj. The 3080 will help you get more visuals raising the settings mostly related to the pixel shaders (clouds, texture res. texture supersampling) and a to a 2nd degree rendering resolution.

I haven’t been using VR a lot, I am kind of waiting for better performance I guess. Working on airport scenery for now. So far with my G2 I have set WMR OpenXR to 60 and tried TAA70 to 100. With these I get flyable 152 lessons, but still not ideal, compared to Rift S / Xplane experience. Some strobing when looking around. Important not to you that I’m always GPU limited with 3080/3700X with G2. Too much pixels to push to get CPU limited I guess.

@Romandesign: ok this means that your hardware can manage up to 2160x2160x0.6=2.8 million pixel /eye which is near double what I currently get with my GPU+headset => I conclude that the headset and GPU upgrade is worthwhile for me
@CptLucky8: yes I have read several of your posts, thanks for sharing all that testing, it must have been a great deal of work! I’ve been trying to extrapolate your reverb G2 conclusions to my hardware. Your 9700k CPU is about 10% faster than my 3700x, so once I get a 3080 GPU, I should be able to get the kind of performance you report (or better) as long as your setup is bottlenecked by your 2070s GPU. Is that the case?
And for my comprehension: how can you get up to 2.5Kx2.5K pixels given that the reverb G2 only has 2.16K x 2.16K ? I’m no VR specialist so I might be missing something!

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Thank you for your kind words. The G2 resolution question is answered here:

WMR Scaling and Dev Tools - Some Explanations

It’s more than 2160x2160 because of 100% OXR (or SteamVR) has to generate 3000x3000+ pixels to cover every G2 pixel after distortion correction. Proportionally that is reduced by OXR slider. I’m still not happy with my hasrdware, and there can be something wrong with it, but most likely something is wrong with MSFS VR implementation chain (MSFS/OXR/Nvidia drivers/WMR). In MSFS window no matter what I try (haven’t tried ultra settings as it’s pointless) I get “Limited by GPU” once everything is loaded and stabilized.

First, sorry for my English, since it’s not my first language.

First, I was posting my problem in the general pc / hardware forum before finding the correct VR forum and this thread especially.

My specs:

Ryzen 5800X
nvidia 3080
32GB 3800mhz
Reverb G2
FS2020 from xbox gamepass

With my 2k resolution on my monitor and high settings I get around 50 fps with gpu limitation.

But in VR with openxr set to 70 and low to mid settings I get very low 20/25 fps with limitation by main thread.

The following screenshot is worst case over NYC.
Very low fps with both, gpu and cpu, not really stressed.
GPU is constantly jumping between 70 and 90, but cpu is very low and the ingame fps counter says limited by main thread nonetheless… :man_shrugging:t2:

Any idea what’s wrong here?

This is very similar to what I am experiencing also. I have similar system specs except running an RTX 2070 Super.

If I turn OFF Motion Reprojection in OpenXR, I am no longer CPU limited, but GPU limited and my GPU usage goes to nearly 100%.

So it seems like until OpenXR and/or MSFS has better CPU optimization, we are stuck with deciding if we want to use lower settings with Motion Reprojection, or leave it off and get better graphics and FPS.

i Have almost the same system as you have! What Nvidia driver are you running at? Go with the 457.30 it is still the best for MSFS 2020.
I do not use the Openxr tool just ingame render Scale on 80-70 and I get about 30-40 FPS in dens cities with everythin on high and TAA on 130%.

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With reverting to driver 457.30 and disabling motion reprojection I got around 30fps with gpu limitation.
I don’t know what’s more worse, 20fps or no smooth head movement…

Why is motion reproduction eating that much cpu power, which we don’t even see in the cpu workload?
Is this an openxr, or a FS issue? :thinking: