2021 MSFS Charity Endurance Race Series Event 1: Indian Pacific Wing Race (YPPH to YSSY) Update: Prize from Microsoft!


Oh well, disregard…unless the number of organisers and number of participants is divisible by 6.

Gotta say…this is brilliant.

Planning things out, I was going to fly the Pitts for the 1st event but then thought…it starts at 1am my time…I want an autopilot.


im going to assume scenery add-ons are still allowed as long as they dont add something like a new airport that isnt in msfs and are only modifying existing scenert.

if that is the case, this might be a good freeware scenery for people to use for our departure out of ypph

Yes, that’s correct.

So I am new. I will be doing the NY flight. Where are we heading?

Hi whyFrantic,

This event is a race across Australia from Perth to Sydney. The Cannonball Run event (New York to Los Angeles) comes later in the year on December 26.

Please see this thread for more information about the four events that make up the 2021 MSFS Endurance Race Series: Introducing the 2021 MSFS Endurance Race Series (Charity fundraising group flights)

Ok cool, I guess I will start doing some practice flights to train for it. Thanks.

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I’ve done this in real life (well Melbourne to Sydney) in a C172. All I can say is, bring water, a desert survival kit, and watch your fuel stops! There’s a whole lot of ‘nothing’ out there!


Hey is there a discord where we can join for further questions?

Hi @Prwoler8165,

There is a Discord server you can join for this event (link below), but I encourage you to ask any questions you have here in case other participants were wondering the same thing.

Hi, I have a question, for the SimAir tracking, I downloaded the client, and whenever I log in, it just minimizes the client. Then when I try to open it won’t open. Does it track automatically or how does it work? I was in the middle of a flight when I installed SimAir, in which it didn’t track that flight. So I don’t know if I had to be on the ground and if it just tracks automatically.

You need to register for an account and login on the simair.io website if you haven’t already done so. Then, the first time you launch the client, it should prompt you for your username and password. After that, your flights will be logged automatically (check your logbook on the SimAir website to confirm) whenever you fly in MSFS.

SimAir just feeds to the website, it doesn’t have an interface besides the login window.

I noticed from the original Cannonball Run that there was a difference between people playing with ‘Live Players’ vs ‘All Players’ in the options menu. I did the whole flight in 1 shot with ‘Live players’ and only saw about four other people on takeoff, verses the 30+ I saw on Seedy’s stream. It may be just my experience, but I’ve never used ‘All Players’ and have never had the weather fail to load as expected.

Can anyone who has their weather fail to load consistently check their settings/try the other? If all we have to do in make sure we’re all selected on ‘Live Players’ (which subsequently forces live weather on that same option screen), maybe that can be the way to ensure weather is fair for all competitors. I know that selecting ‘Live Players’ also prevents the weather from being changed within the flight environment, which is my current theory for why weather fails to load for so many users.

This might also be a good way to verify everyone is using the live weather, as if you are not, you will not be visible to players who have selected ‘Live Players.’ Thoughts?

I’d also like to propose a change to rule 1a from 10 minutes to 15 minutes to better equalize the different airspeeds/range of each aircraft and allow extra time for those who wish to completely restart their sim at fuel stops. I know I was able to land, reposition, and refuel only having a couple extra minutes to spare. I don’t think I could have had the game load back in within that 10 minutes and verify simair.io is working correctly, even with my entire system completely on SSDs.

The issue is the 2nd flight live weather not loading bug. ie, you land to refuel and choose to restart your flight to aid framerate…but when you spawn back in using live weather as your setting, weather is clear skies with a 2kt wind from the south west. However, if you don’t use live players and spawn in with the setting ‘clear skies’…and then change your weather to live once in game, it all works fine every time.


Can i use shared cockpit to fly the event with a friend?

Hi @AmbientMuffin6. You’re absolutely welcome to fly the event with a friend for the enjoyment of it and to take part in this community event, but to keep things fair, only solo pilots are eligible to be named the winner of the race.

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Thanks Seedy friend, im eagered to fly it then!

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Is there a way i can see how many people have registered so far?

I’ll reveal all the stats, including how many people chose each aircraft type, after the registrations are closed.

REMINDER: the deadline to register is 2359Z on March 28. You can register at this link: