[4K 60 fps] Gliding & Soaring around the world

Hi Simmers , this is my last shoot for this year ! i wish you the best Happy and safe holidays to all. Cheers.


Guess you will be one of the first to pick up the upcoming freeware Discus 2b by the Got Friends team


Thank you very much ! I wish it <3 :slight_smile:

Wow, great video. I love it. Such a beautiful dreamy longing to fly. THAT is the fascination of flying for me. Thank you for the beautiful minutes. Merry Christmas. :heart_eyes: :+1:

PS: Please Asobo, more gliders, thermals, winch launch and glider towing. :wink:


Thanks for the tip. Now I wanted to know more and this post from Got Friends completely passed me by. You wouldn’t believe how much I’m looking forward to the Discus now. :astonished:


thank you all thanks to your support I have been contacted by several developers. I hope to be able to present new content to you soon :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: