737 help please

To me looks like some visual app after vectors.

Simply after last wp of route to rwy only, because i see there missed app proc turn. Really not clear to me because of quite oposite rwy hdg to actual heading.

Looks to me like you don’t have a STAR approach loaded in at all. Your final routing is a direct from ELVOS to RW23R. A routing like this will almost certainly require some kind of manual intervention.

You obviously don’t have a STAR/Approach loaded in the FMC. From ELVOS it’s 52,5 nm’s to the runway. That’s a bit too long for any approach. It looks like it’s just the main route. When you’ve loaded the route, go to DEP/ARR page and enter a STAR and Approach. Also make sure to execute the plan when finished.

I just looked at the approaches available for EGCC 24R (if you don’t have Navigraph you should check out Chartfox.org). The ILS for 24R takes you direct to MCT (VOR station at the airport) so you fly over the airport and then take the 52 radius out of MCT. Then at 12 DME from MCT you make a turn back to 7 degrees and then back to the airport at the 232 radius. You should be able to capture the Glide Slope there and turn on the Approach mode on the MCP.

Actually a fun one to fly :slight_smile: (but probably not the first one you should try)

The ELVOS star should bring you to Trent (TNT), QUSHI, DAYNE (at FL80, max 230 kts). You can also find those on Chartfox.

I am a happy new owner of the PMDG B736 but do have some questions.

The most important is this: Where are the flightplans saved? And how can I load a flightplan made with the Simbrief to the FMC?

Thanks in advance!

You should spend half an hour or so reading through the Introduction PDF, which is saved inside the PMDG folder inside your \Community folder. Your answers are in there.


I think it depends on the version you have (Steam or Windows Store). You can find the paths to the folder in the documentation. I highly recommend to use the Simbrief downloader. It allows you to specify multiple folders (in case you also have the 737-700 or a CRJ, etc.) and works like a charm…

Just a question while your looking at your Navigraph charts (4 hours ago…)
Or someone like formersnail…
Whats up with those approaches in the UK? Edinburgh and Glasgow in particular…

In NZ, most if not all approaches ‘flow’ into an seemless arrival eg Rotorua to Queenstown vis versa… It all flows, whereas, most airports into UK and Sydney… they seem to not link up in a ‘flow’ there is that dotted geen line to like the beginning of the ils.

Is that because its bussier at these airports or is just one of those local regulations

I’m not from the UK, haha. But it might have something to do with noise. Also the amount of traffic could play a role. In some European (I’ve seen this in Germany) airports the arrivals are u-shaped zigzag turns. That makes it easier for ATC to have several planes in a que. I think depending on traffic those arrivals are seldom flown in full in real life. In the US you see transition points where ATC gives you vectors to the approach (ATC in MSFS is not so good at this :)). So yes its different in different places. But that makes it fun.

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