787-10 HUD projection too magnified

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8700k, 1080ti, 32GB
787-10 (updated from Content Manager post SU7 beta install)
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The HUD is too zoomed in at the default view

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No, DX11

Correct. Picture explains the issue well.

Have noted this yesterday also in the VR section, maybe mod can merge this threads just to have not to much threads on the same issue.

Beside of this new HUD is much better!

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PC Specs: 11900k/3090/G2

Aircraft: 787

Area of the World / Flight Plan: Texas

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The HUD is much better now! Thank you for that. In 2D it matches well within the screen at the regular pilot position (his virtual eyes).

In VR the HUD is rendered a bit too large instead (not the HUD itself but the information it shows) so you have to move too much forward imho to see them all.

The perceived dimensions in the 3D cockpits still seem a bit strange, the (invisible) head of the pilot is simply much too big in relation to the cockpit, which means that everything does not seem to be coherent. Nevertheless, thank you very much, even small advances are welcome.

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Issue fixed in Sim Update VIII