A310 won't go

No worries! Hope you find an answer soon :slight_smile:


thanks! i reallllly want to fly it. everything else is routine and nominal about the flight/setup/etc. so i don’t know what’s going on.

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Could you send a video?

yeah give me a few please.

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might be a bit for the video, but i can tell you that in the last 15 minutes all kinda funky has been going on. starting off with the speed brake on full or the trim all the way up or being able to move forward but can’t get close to v_1. every time i restart the flight it’s a different story.

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Do you use pedals ? if so, check the reverse status of brake axes…

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Where did you get the A310? i am on the PC version, and did not get it when updating over the weekend !

It’s a free download available in the marketplace.

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Thanks, will check it out. On Friday it wasn’t there; I was waiting for it !

Same issue for me, all other aircraft are fine. Only way to get the A310 moving is to go into slew mode. Brake axis sense & parking brakes not the issue.

Same here. As soon as you step on the brakes, the plane seems to behave like you’re not letting go. Rudder, joystick, setup checked - everything fine. You have to select the Flightready option on the Flightpad to start rollin again, unfortunately this will clear the flight plan so it’s not really an option. The craziest thing is that it was working “normally” until yesterday for me. Absolutely nothing has changed since then, but still…rolling is canceled now. I just wonder why…

Ok, next weird thing is, only the left pedal seems to affect rolling. Stepping on the right pedal has no effect on the throttle. Are you guys using the Thrustmaster T-Rudder too? Maybe, somehow that’s why?

But you can roll if you only use the parking brake and reverse thrust. But thats ■■■■…

Sure? Other aircraft are also affected for me. Just tested it for the Beechcraft Model 17, the Cessna 195 and unfortunately the problem also occurs with the PMDG DC6. However, briefly applying the parking brake will release the brake on all of these aircraft, unlike the A310.

i still have problems with the 747 haha. pfd and ifr goes out, throttle stops responding, sometimes the yoke becomes unresponsive (funny because i have the thrustmaster boeing yoke).

Thx @catalystmic Indeed it’s a (Thrustmaster?) brake calibration problem. Check that folks. Does your toe brakes center at 50% instead of 0%?

Here is my solution:

Uninstalled Thrustmaster driver.

Used their calibration software (under Utilities): https://support.thrustmaster.com/en/product/tfrp-en/

Went to the generic windows controller control panel and reset it.

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i do have the thrustmaster rudder pedals as well but i haven’t gotten the toe brakes to work…still need to mess around with the key mapping.

also i’m running it all on xbox.

Sry, I have no idea about Xbox features. But maybe if you put them on the reverse axis, you should at least be able to move when you hit 'em. Although that’s weird too.

i use the original mapping to the xbox controller for the parking brake and brakes. when i first set up the rudder pedal the brakes didn’t even show up on the map listing and it didn’t come up in a search. it’s not horrible to have to use the xbox controller for that which is why i haven’t gone back to try and fix that lol.

Hi simmers, I have this issue… very annoying. I can’t fly this aircraft anymore because of this issue… I’ve reinstalled the sim and made nothing… still braked for no reason. It seems that the aircraft is braked by something. I’ve see a video of 737ng driver on the last beta update and on the release note, the dev team has notified that they have fixed an issue with the right wheel brake… So we have to wait a guess…
here the video (New A310 (beta) update: Fixing RA Calls and more! - YouTube)

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